Kaizar assault victim speaks

JOE Tembo, the driver for Lyndhurst School who was allegedly assaulted by Kaizar Zulu, says he needs help because he has now been incapacitated and cannot fend for his family.

Tembo, walking with an aid of clutches and a collar neck, on Friday went to Woodlands Police Station to report the assault but was later referred to Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Police Station.

He said he knows President Edgar Lungu’s political advisor very well and would never miss him.

Tembo said he remembers how Zulu kicked him on the jaw, he passed out and only woke up in hospital eight hours later.

“I carry school children at Lyndhurst School. I was on my way to pick the last child in Ibex. I got to a junction and indicated and I waited for the car which was coming from the opposite direction to pass before I could go but to my surprise, a car came and hit my car on the driver’s door side then it rested in the drainage,” he said.

“A tyre to my car even burst from that hit and that is how doctors from a nearby clinic came and helped in securing the children. When I went to check on the driver of the vehicle that had hit into us, when I peeped to check, the person only signaled to me a thumbs up to indicate that he is Okay but he was busy talking on the phone. A second glance at the person was what made me realise that it was Mr Kaizar and I told the person I work with to say it’s Mr Kaizar then we decided to wait for him because we thought he was contacting the police.”

Tembo said after 20 minutes Kaizar stepped out of his vehicle.

“After 20 minutes, he walked out of his car and started asking for the driver of the car he had rammed into. When I introduced myself as the driver, he grabbed me and pointed a gun at me then I said sorry to him,” he explained.
“Cadres came while he was pointing a gun at me and they started beating me and I fell to the ground. At this point, he came and kicked me in the head and told me not to pretend. He told the cadres to put me on my feet and once I was standing, a Land Cruiser carrying soldiers came by and they asked why I was being beaten but Mr Kaizar just showed them his ID and they got back on their vehicle and drove off. By this time the cadres were holding my hands while I was in a seated position and this is when Mr Kaizar kicked me on my lower chin and I lost consciousness. I could hear voices but I couldn’t speak and that is how good Samaritans picked me and took me to a nearby St Agnes Clinic.”

Tembo said he could not remember what followed but he just found himself in Levy Mwanawasa Hospital in the late hours of that day.

He said he was discharged the same night and was taken home.

When asked whether he had mistaken someone else for Zulu, Tembo said he was very familiar with him.

“I know Mr Kaizar, we are both from the same party so I can’t fail to recognise him. I am also a PF member, I know him very well, even the police have been coming to check on me at home. I came here at Woodlands Police Station but they have referred us to Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Police Station, the thing is I wasn’t able to talk since the beating. I just started talking,” he explained.

“I am unable to work but I have a family, a wife and children to take care of. My leg is not okay. I am not sure what they did to me. The jaw is also dislocated, my children will starve to death and they have not been able to go to school. I need help going forward, I can’t work as things stand.”

Meanwhile, Tembo has reported the case and a docket has been opened against Zulu at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Police Station.

He said the police had asked other witnesses to give their statements.

“We have opened a docket at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Police Station and they have told us the other witnesses should also go and give their statements [on Saturday] and they got my number and said they will call me on the way forward,” said Tembo.

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