[By Bright Tembo]
ZAMBIA Sports Fans Association patron Peter Makembo says those people criticising FAZ president Andrew Kamanga should offer solutions.

Makembo urged people criticising the FAZ boss to not just point fingers at him but offer solutions.

Makembo, a FAZ life member, also urged the FAZ executive to remain strong.

He said resigning was not a solution.

“Looking at what has been happening in the sports fraternity especially in soccer and as a stakeholder, my only appeal is to those people who are criticising Kamanga so heavily to also offer solutions – not just looking at the negatives about his leadership,” Makembo said.

“Criticise with solutions. Bring up answers, tell us what you are able to do and what do you want him to do, as solutions that will produce a positive result. Want to urge the FAZ executive and Kamanga to remain strong and never think of resigning but think of what they will do to improve the sport in the country. Your executive (Kamanga) and people have seen the positive and the negatives, so what you need to do is to pick up the negatives and turn them to positives.”

He said some of the positives that Kamanga had done was with the women’s team.

“Look how they have changed the women’s football. This was a farfetched dream and people should applaud the Association for that not just only saying resign, resign. Those are not solutions let him work in peace like any other leader,” Makembo said.
He adds that doors are open at FAZ for anyone who wants to give checks and balances. 
” Look the doors are open for those that want to check on what FAZ is doing unlike just waiting for a mistake from FAZ then you capitalise on them. That does not go well with the growth of sports,” he said. 
Meanwhile, Makembo has also applauded the Zambia Police for the professionalism they showed during the Zambia vs Zimbabwe match last month. 
“I want to applaud the professionalism the Zambia Police showed during and after the game when those misguided fans’ behaviour was bad and the police handled the matter very professionally,” said Makembo. “We could have seen problems if the police acted brutally on the fans and for that I give them a high five but that should not encourage fans to misbehave.”/LM

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