Partisan electoral commissions will trigger conflicts in Africa, Nevers warns

AFRICA has grown and matured to resolve its conflicts, says former Republican vice-president Nevers Mumba.

But Mumba warns that the next round of conflicts in Africa shall be triggered by faulty and partisan electoral commissions.

Addressing Heads of State and former heads of states at the ongoing Africa Summit on Peace and Security in Naimey, Niger, Mumba said it was now Africa’s time to salvage itself from the imposition of foreign agendas which are mainly the source of conflicts.

The MMD president said the attainment of peace in Africa was a necessary feat if it was to achieve sustainable development.

He called on the African Union to stop political coups caused by faulty electoral commissions.
Mumba commended the AU for having brought to a stop to military coups that had characterised the Africa of the 80s.

He appealed to the AU to use the same resolve to stop electoral violence perpetuated by faulty electoral commissions across Africa.

Mumba feared that the next round of conflicts in Africa shall be triggered by faulty and partisan electoral commissions.

“As Africans, we have over debated our problems. We have rightly criticised our own weaknesses and failures. This song is sung by everyone who detests our current standing in the world, including myself. I however feel we have reached a point we now need to start fixing our broken system. We can’t continue as cry-babies. We can’t continue to mourn over our plight. We must now fix the broken systems,” he said.

Mumba said Africa must first interrogate the source of conflicts before calling for international arbitrators in case some of them were the source for the same conflicts.

He said the resourcefulness of Africa made it a target of brutal attacks and of acts of destabilisation.

“No one understands our conflicts as much as we do. Since of old, elders, religious leaders and chiefs have been the custodians of our historic values and are experts in cultural conflict resolution,” Mumba said. “Africa has a unique ingredient of spirituality and therefore remains the most resilient continent. The future belongs to us. We have fought all battles there is to fight. We have been abused and mistreated to the maximum.”

He said the Cold War although not Africa’s war, was fought on the African continent.

Mumba said the conflicts in Africa were usually between Francophone and Anglophone.

“The English speaking and the French Speaking. How can foreign languages be our source of conflict? The example of Cameroon is there for us to see. Africa has grown and matured to resolve its conflicts. Time has come for Africans to insist that we choose leaders of morality and integrity, who shall ensure that justice prevails for all. The time for Africa to arise and take responsibility is now,” said Mumba.

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