It’s Lungu, not Kaizar who needs to be taken out of State House

In life, and much more so in politics, it’s very important to be clear about things.

Steven Masumba may be making sense when he says they are not ready to lose elections because of Kaizar Zulu.

Masumba, the Patriotic Front deputy elections chairperson, says if Edgar Lungu is being lenient and does not fire Zulu, “we will remove him ourselves”.

Masumba told journalists last Friday that Zulu’s behaviour was disgusting and does not befit a presidential adviser.

“I want to warn this Kaizar Zulu. If they are scared of him… if Kaizar Zulu continues behaving like this, we shall force him out of State House ourselves. We will remove him from State House. If the President is having mercy on him, we will remove him because we are not ready to lose elections because of Kaizar. Why is Kaizar Zulu behaving like this? Is he the only one?” Masumba asked. “Kaizar Zulu’s behaviour is very disgusting. Not only disgusting, but it’s quite embarrassing and very barbaric, not befitting a person who’s got a very serious appointment, that of advisor to the President. I have always been asking myself ukweba ati kanshi uyu Kaizar Zulu mwelesa, mwamufumya kwisa? What kind of a human being is this, who today, Kaizar Zulu naocha ifintu, who today, Kaizar Zulu nauma abantu, Kaizar Zulu nalasa abantu amafuti. Bushe Kaizar Zulu takakule?”

Masumba says Zulu was just masquerading when he appeared on Diamond TV that he delivers presidents when it was the people of Zambia who voted for Edgar.

“Are you the only one that has been delivering presidents? Are you the only one that has been putting in efforts to allow the President win the elections? The President has been winning elections because of the people of Zambia and not Kaizar Zulu himself. If we go and remove those comrades in Muchinga Province, is the chap going to deliver presidents? The boy is so pompous, he is too much of himself. Kaizar Zulu must behave and I hope you are listening. Behave yourself, if you don’t, we shall force you to behave,” says Masumba.

But Masumba is forgetting that Kaizar did not put himself at State House. He is there because Edgar wants him to be there. And Edgar knows why he wants Kaizar around him at any cost.

By attacking Kaizar, Masumba is attacking Edgar. Masumba should have tried talking to Edgar about Kaizar and hear his reaction.

Edgar is not keeping Kaizar at State House out of kindness. It is out of necessity. Kaizar, as he brags, has delivered Edgar. His presidency is the product of Kaizar’s hands, deeds!

Give it to Kaizar, he is daring! There’s nothing Kaizar can’t do. Look at what he did in the last elections to make Edgar win? Wasn’t it Kaizar who was at City Airport to receive election returns and take them to Mulungushi International Conference Centre? Kaizar was behind all the controversies of the 2016 elections.

Masumba is going for the wrong person. It’s not Kaizar who is the problem and who should be removed from State House. The problem is Edgar and he is the one who Masumba should remove from State House.

Even if they removed Kaizar from State House today, the problems will continue because Edgar is the principal problem. It is Edgar who needs to be taken out of State House and not Kaizar.

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