Resist dangerous PF Bill, Sejani urges MPs

ACKSON Sejani has passionately appealed to members of parliament and Zambians, at large, to stand up and resist the enactment of the manipulative Bill 10 of 2019.

On Friday, the Constitution Court via the majoritarian principle threw out for lack of merit, the petitions by the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) and Chapter One Foundation which were challenging the State’s decision to alter the Republican Constitution through Constitution (Amendment) Bill No. 10.

Except for judge Professor Margaret Munalula who dissented, the rest of the judges of the ConCourt were/are of the view that the mandate to interpret the Constitution or determine an allegation that an action, decision or measure contravenes the law.

Reacting to the judgment, Sejani, a former local government minister under Frederick Chiluba’s government, said Parliament must stand up and defend the national honour by resisting: “the calculated manoeuvres of this unpopular but dangerous government.”

“Now that the ConCourt has tragically dismissed the petition against Bill 10 filed in by LAZ and Chapter One Foundation, it is time for the people and their Parliament to stand up and be counted,” Sejani told The Mast.
“The House (Parliament) must rise above narrow partisan considerations and deliver an historic check on the undemocratic activities of this PF government.”

He is hopeful that there are enough men and women of honour and integrity in Parliament who would vote against Bill No. 10.

“To those members of Parliament, the nation will record their historical contribution and posterity will allow their souls to rest in peace when their time for passing on finally comes. For those that will choose brown envelopes above national interest, the opposite will happen,” Sejani said.

Sejani, to ordinary Zambians, says: “we the people can no longer continue to watch these events as mere disinterested by-standers, no.”

“We must also stand up and be counted wherever we are. We are the repository of all political power which we periodically lend to politicians to use in the advancement of our cause. If this does not happen, we have the power to withdraw this power and give it to another group of politicians,” he noted.

“Let us raise our voices and speak out against this bill. Remember a bill can be stopped at any stage of its development from first reading, through second, third reading and even after presidential assent.”

Sejani stressed that a bad law could be repealed.

He encouraged citizens against giving up in the face the PF government’s unprogressive schemes.

“The real struggle has just begun and victory is certain. Those who stubbornly ignore people’s demands will reap what they are sowing during the elections. Uwafitala akaimwena (any doubting Thomas will be proven wrong)!” said Sejani.

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