Burkart commends govt on Fleet Management Policy

GERMANY Ambassador to Zambia Achim Burkart says the Fleet Management Policy calls for government officials to adhere to the rules put in place and that in Germany, there are severe consequences if one does not abide by the rules.

Speaking when he paid a courtesy call on works and supply minister Sylvia Chalikosa, Ambasador Burkart said the government’s move to launch the Government Fleet Management Policy was very important and commendable adding that the policy calls for change of mindset of the users.

The government recently launched the Fleet Management Policy calling for all public workers to adjust to reducing costs in managing government vehicles.

“I have to sign each and every tour that I make in my official car, kilometres, time and reason why,” he said adding that no one is exempted from the practice.

Ambassador Burkart said the Fleet Management Policy called for officials within the government to adhere to the rules put in place and was quick to share that in Germany, there are severe consequences if one does not abide by the rules.

He said it was a name and shame policy with expensive consequences for each and every individual no matter how high or low in the hierarchy such a person is.

And Chalikosa said the recently launched policy was intended to address the misuse of government vehicles especially where they are used to carry unauthorised goods and without authority to drive after official hours.

She also said the pooling system would target parking of government vehicles at certain times and proper traceable records for any authorised movement.

Chalikosa said the Ministry of Works and Supply was the main technical ministry that provides service to other line ministries for them to operate smoothly.

She further engaged the Ambassador in the area of horticulture which she said her ministry would aggressively endeavour to revive as it stands at the apex of climate change mitigation.

Chalikosa said her ministry would work with other ministries such as lands ministry, that of national development planning and the Ministry of Water Development and Sanitation, among others.

She recognised the cooperation that exists between the two countries and the work being done with Government Printers emphasizing the need for capacity building for public service workers so that they were equipped with more knowledge and were up to date with modern trends.

Chalikosa also noted that the support in the area of good governance calls for more attention for public service workers to perform their duties above board especially in the area of procurement of public goods and services.

She said it was not all about politics but the way government processes were run for the benefit of the general public.

This is according to Ndubi Mvula, the ministry’s spokesperson.

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