East police go tough on motorbike thefts

EASTERN Province police commissioner Luckson Sakala says in view of the rampant theft of motorbikes in the province any person who will be found with suspected stolen motorbike or bought stolen motorbike will also be charged with receiving property suspected to have been stolen.

Sakala told journalists on Monday that police over the weekend recovered two stolen motorbikes and arrested two people in connection with the theft including those that bought the motorbikes.

“I would like to confirm that we recovered two motorbikes over the weekend. One was recovered in Zemba; the second motorbike was recovered from Katete,” he said. “…Two people were intercepted with motorbikes as they were passing through Vubwi going to Malawi. These two criminals led the police to where they had sold the two motorbikes. The first motorbike was sold in Zemba and the second was sold in Katete. This is the same group that attacked someone in Kalongwezi area a week ago, unfortunately this person was badly beaten and died after two days but suffice to mention that before he died we were able to record statements from him and he identified the same attackers.”

Sakala said the suspects were believed to have been behind the theft of motorbikes in Chipata.

“Now arising from the reports of theft of motorbikes that we have been receiving from various police stations across the province, what we are going to do between now and in future, any person who is going to be caught with a suspected stolen motorbike, having bought or whatever so long that particular bike has been found in his position is also

going to be charged for receiving property suspected to have been stolen,” he said. “So a person who steals a motorbike and a person who buys a suspected stolen motorbike, both are going to be charged. You can’t buy a motorbike like a bicycle without documentation.”

Sakala said people should prove beyond reasonable doubt that they were buying genuine motorbikes.

He said the people that were found with the two motorbikes in Zemba and Katete would be jointly charged with the people who sold them the motorbikes.

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