We need politics that can bring about development, says Zulu

LUANGENI member of parliament Charles Zulu says he wants to represent his constituents for 20 years in order to avert their sufferings and improve their living standards.

And former Luangeni Constituency Development Fund chairperson Pastor Milton Phiri says God has plans for everything.

Addressing Luangeni residents at Katambo Primary School on Saturday, Zulu, who was visiting the constituency for the first time after losing his wife Pamela Mwale-Zulu few months ago, dispelled reports that he wants to stand in another constituency.

“I am appealing to the people of Luangeni to continue working together and love each other. The best way of mourning my beloved wife is to bring development here. The best way to mourn my wife is to bring safe and clean water, helping women clubs, repairing roads and bringing development. We have to continue from where we stopped with my wife. Others were saying I want to stand in Chadiza while others were saying I want to stand in Chipata Central but what they should know is that Luangeni is my place and I want to be MP here for 20 years,” he said.
Zulu said what he went through made him to know who he was.

“What I went through will give me chance to look at my leadership. People call me nkhunzi (bull) and they are waiting to see whether I will fall or rise but I have chosen to rise so that my wife could be happy wherever she is. Her death will make me stronger in working for the people of this constituency,” he said.

Zulu said he was quiet for sometime following the death of his wife.

“I know there are some people who want to bring politics in the death of my wife but don’t listen to them. I have received a lot of calls from people asking me about certain things that my political opponents are spreading. We need politics that can bring about development. I am asking you to continue praying for me and I will also continue praying for you so that we develop our constituency,” he said.

Zulu urged the people to keep themselves well during the Christmas period.

Earlier, Zulu, who broke down while addressing the people, said God had plans for him and the people of Luangeni.
And pastor Phiri said God has his own plans for the people.

He said everything had its own time and that there was time be born and time to die.

Pastor Phiri said no one could fight God on anything but just to accept his will on mankind.

Chikando ward councillor Goodson Banda said Zulu was loved by a lot of people even in Lusaka.

Chipata deputy mayor, who is also Kazimule ward councillor Justle Siwo, Makangila ward councillor Daniel Mwanza and Khova ward councillor Enock Daka also attended the meeting, which was characterized by prayers.

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