PF MPs’ fake promises have poisoned Lungu’s leadership – Sinda headman

A TRADITIONAL leader in Sinda’s Kapoche Constituency says President Edgar Lungu’s name is insulted and destroyed because of the lies the members of parliament tell electorates.

In an interview, headman Nyamtuma Phackson Njobvu said President Edgar Lungu was a good leader but his leadership has been poisoned by fake promises by PF members of Parliament.

He said the President does his part at national level but at the lower level, the people who should help him were not doing him justice.

“Let’s not dent Edgar! Edgar has pity for us but the MPs he doesn’t have. He doesn’t have MPs that have the caliber to advocate for his good leadership. Edgar Lungu is good but the problem is his MPs because they destroy Edgar with lies they speak to people. They come in their constituency with fake promises which turn into lies and the end result is the blame that goes on the President’s name,” he said.

Njobvu cited unfinished projects like roads, clinics, and lack of clean water points in most communities.

“To be specific our MP (Dr Charles Banda) in September was here where he said the 22 kms road from Sinda to Nyanje will be worked on but now this is December, nothing is happening. He told the people that money is there for the road but where are contractors? Can we say they are saying the truth? What people will say is that Edgar Lungu is a liar yet he did not come here but his MP came to cheat the people in the name of government. That’s why I said MPs are the ones that will destroy the name of the president politically,” Njobvu said.

He lamented that the Sinda – Nyanje road that leads to Nyanje Mission Hospital, chieftainess Nyanje’s palace and other business areas, and also connects to Mozambique was in a deplorable state.

“This road I am talking about, everyone knows it’s a hazard because everyday we hear vehicles overturning and at time people lose lives because it’s no longer a road but a field with ridges and someone comes to mock the people to say we are working on it any time, giving people false hope! Too bad but time will tell,” Njobvu said.

He advised members of parliament not to rush in issuing statements before they were sure of what they were saying.

“Work on it and later say ‘look, you were crying for this, see now we have done it for you’; that’s what is suppose to be done but if you rush in making promises and fail to fulfill, that’s a lie,” he explained

He also warned farmers against selling farming inputs to gardeners saying the vice would just lead to insults on government.

He said he had evidence of some farmers selling fertiliser in tins at K10-K20 to those with gardens.

“I want also want to warn those who got fertilizer ya FISP not to sell because government gave them with a purpose for them to have enough food but its sad to see them selling to gardeners at K10-K20 in tins,” said Njobvu.

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