Govt under siege from its enemies – Kapata

LANDS minister Jean Kapata says government is under siege from its enemies, both local and foreign.

Responding to the Environmental Investigation Agency’s report that has implicated her in the illegal mukula trade, Kapata said she was deeply upset with the contents of the report.

She dismissed the EIA report as fake.

Kapata claimed that opposition leaders were behind the fake stories.

“I am deeply upset by the contents of the so-called report that has been maliciously circulated by an organisation calling itself Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA),” she said. “I am more appalled that a Zambian newspaper can go all the way in defaming the President and his ministers without verification.”

Kapata said the News Diggers that published the story were supposed to be a professional publication whose core virtue must be to seek the truth, which is a value for all professional journalists.

“I do not want to believe these journalists do not know their ethics. I believe they threw their ethics out of the window to please their sponsors. This is very sad. We hear daily submissions from the media asking for press freedom. I am personally an advocate of press freedom but I do not support press freedom based on hurting innocent Zambians,” said Kapata. “Government is under siege from its enemies, local and foreign. You are going to see more of this gutter journalism, you are going to see fake reports. You are going to see malicious videos like the one you have seen today. Provocative videos and so on. All these are fake. Government will not be destructed by the enemies of the state, local and international as we pursue our development agenda. Let me conclude by saying I am going to sue News Diggers… Diggers we will meet in court.”

Kapata accused the opposition who want to get into State House by whatever means of being behind the report.

“So they are the ones that are behind all these things. They are using the media, they are using some of you to do these things. [But] we have the Zambian people to protect,” she said.

“The time for election is not now, the time for election is 2021 and the people of Zambia will speak through the ballot box.”

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