Headline Matters with Chambwa Moonga: Paying the bills

Almost everyone is saying the economy is punishing. Maybe we should reach consensus on this issue and loudly say “true”. But biting as the economy might be, we all need to pay our bills. Food, water, electricity, shelter, medication, education, transport, farming inputs, clothing and others are ever knocking. On that list, add slay queens, for the adventurous. All these things demand that you must have a ‘satisfied’ purse, pocket and wallet. But no; the ordinary population is battling for financial fitness. It’s elusive and this is only December.

The ’40-day’ January is in the offing. I don’t want to think about the financial stress it will, like always, bring. That’s when school-going children will be passing this year’s exams with flying colours! But with this tight monetory policy, won’t parents and guardians pass out upon hearing their girl or boy has passed ‘with flying colours?’

It’s 23 days before January 1, 2020 and without anything in the cash box, pain-killer tablets will be on great demand. So, maybe it’s time to ask economist Chibamba Kanyama on how one can raise and save money, three weeks before the year ends. Chibamba, kindly share on your Facebook page, some rudimentary economic knowledge, springing from your Chikankata school days.

It sounds like my usual gratuitous wit. But isn’t it true that we need to pay bills? Before I forget, we are into the festive season and shopping malls and other shopping places are supposed to be teeming with merry shoppers. That’s why it’s MERRY Christmas, guys. But can John and Mary be merry under these economic circumstances? No! Levy Mwanawasa died on August 19, 2008 and Rupiah Banda was voted out of the presidency in September 2011. Good economic policies are probably resting with wherever the two men are! Maybe it’s time to seek divine forgiveness for YOUR electoral decision on September 20, 2011? Chambwa’s script reads as ‘I’m sorry, Creator; I was a young school leaver. I can’t pay BILLS now. I’m paying the PRICE!’

Before I go to look for means of paying my BILLS, congratulations to those members of parliament who remain determined to ‘kill’ the BILL in Parliament in February next year or whenever. Those who want it to pass will certainly pay the PRICE, like Zambians who can’t afford to pay BILLS are enduring now. It’s that simple!


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