Zava president steps down from NOCZ Board

[By Bright Tembo]
ZAMBIA Volleyball Association president Nakaonga Kakoma has step down as National Olympic Committee of Zambia board member to pave way for investigations into management of association funds.

Speaking during the NOCZ annual general meeting held at the Olympic Youth Development Centre, NOCZ president Alfred Foloko said Kakoma stepped down out of her will.

“As you may be aware, the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF) undertook an investigation to determine the status of financial management in the Zambia Volleyball Association (ZAVA) for 2018. As a result of their findings they withdrew support from ZAVA and reported their findings to the Zambia police, Ministry of Sports, Sports Council and National Olympic Committee of Zambia,” he said.

“In view of the report on NIF findings and on-going investigations on financial irregularities by Zambia police, and seeing that there was no adequate policy direction from National Sports Council of Zambia to which ZAVA takes its original mandate to operate as a sports body, the NOCZ board tabled this issue during their board meeting of 6th December 2019 to determine its course of action in this regard.”

He said Kakoma, President of ZAVA, out of her own free will, stepped down to give room to investigations into the matter.

Kakoma was NOCZ board member in charge of the Women & Sport.

The Norwegian Olympic Federation (NIF) has suspended funding to the Zambia Volleyball Association (ZAVA) following the misappropriation of K51,000 alleged to have been pocketed by a named official.

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