Chipangali council resolves to give Gawa Undi, Mpezeni chiefdoms 2pc land royalties annually

CHIPANGALI Town Council has resolved to be awarding 2.5 per cent each of land loyalties to both Paramount Chief Kalonga Gawa Undi and Paramount Chief Mpezeni’s royal establishments per annum.

And the council has resolved to halt the Local Government Service Commission from sending new officers to the council.

Speaking to journalists after the ordinary council meeting recently, council chairperson Million Tembo said the land loyalties was one of the key issues that were passed at the meeting.

“We have as council passed a resolution to award the Kalonga Gawa Undi Royal Establishment with 2.5 per cent per annum of land loyalties. This means that when the council begins to demarcate land, the money that will be coming from property rates, the council will be taking 2.5 per cent each to give to both the Kalonga Gawa Undi Royal Establishment and Mpezeni Royal Establishment. We did this as a council after realising that Chipangali is different from other districts because it has two paramount chiefs and eight other chiefs,” Tembo said.

He said the traditional leaders had been safeguarding the land from generation to generation.

“So we deliberated with councillors to see how we can appreciate the traditional leaders and we resolved that we should award them royalties. The council management is ready to work and all it is waiting for is the allocation of the Central Business District. Once the CBD is declared and decreed by our two kings we have in the district, our people are ready and our investors are ready. We have 54 workers who are ready to work,” Tembo said.

And Tembo said the council also resolved to halt the Local Government Service Commission from sending officers to work in the new district.

“It’s too much, at the moment we are 54, we don’t have even an office but Local Government Service Commission keeps on sending staff here. The staff that Local Government Service Commission (sends) have what it takes in terms of qualifications and competences but that’s beside the point, we are saying it’s too much now because the council will be liquidated, it will not function,” he said.

Tembo complained that the commission sends officers to the council without increasing its grant.

“We don’t want Local Government Service Commission to send officers here, we want to settle first, let the CBD be established. When there will be some work to do, those officers can come, not sending officers to come here without work, we don’t want that! We have passed a resolution so we pray and believe that the resolution will be
followed,” he said.

Tembo said the council also resolved to implement a performance management system for its workers.

“These workers, me I have been in office now for the past one year and four months, very little has been achieved. We cannot point at tangible things and say ‘this is what they have done. So we have resolved that the workers will sign performance agreements, the council secretary will sign the agreements with us councillors together and the CS will sign the performance appraisal system with heads of department. We want this council to be result oriented,” said Tembo.

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