COSAFA tells Makembo to remove ‘Go Zambia’ banners

[By Bright Tembo]
ZAMBIA Sports Fans Association patron Peter Makembo says COSAFA officials have asked him to remove the ‘Go Zambia’ banners from the stadium during the ongoing tournament.

The “drumming pastor” was on Saturday asked to remove his banners in the stadium by a COSAFA official during the first game between Angola and Mozambique.

“We went to the stadium as usual with our banners. [There’s] no advert on it. It’s a ‘Zambia Go Zambia’ banner and with the Zambian flag. I was shocked to be approached by the security personnel that we must remove the banners because of the flags and later on a COSAFA lady came and said we should remove the banner or COSAFA will pull out of the tournament,” he said.

“With that I was surprised and we decided to remove our banner and we stopped drumming support to the teams. It’s not that we get paid from it but it’s the love of the game. But we came back to support our country and this is what we will be doing. We will only be going to the stadium when Zambia is playing because they don’t want to see our flag when Zambia not is playing.”

Makembo wondered why COSAFA would ask for the removal of banners when the same banners were used at the Under-20 World Cup in South Korea two years ago.

“Iwe nadabwa chifukwa iyi banner inayenda ku South Korea nama Ziko mu Africa, manje apa chabvuta bwanji? (you these banners have gone as far as South Korea when FIFA named me a drumming pastor, what is the difference now)?” asked Makembo.

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