HH asks PF to go and rest

KUTI wasunga shani ichalo nga tawakwata ichimonwa, others admitted that they have not vision, so let them go and rest, Hakainde Hichilema has demanded.

Addressing hundreds of youths at the UPND Lusaka district youth conference on Saturday, Hichilema said after the Mukobeko Maximum Prison experience he was 10 times stronger.

He challenged the youths to walk in his path and deliver change in Zambia.

Hakainde said in order to fulfill the vision of the UPND founding fathers among them Anderson Mazoka, the youths needed to be strong and courageous.

“You are showing the strength that the youths must always show, youth nimpamvu, ma youths nibambili so ngati muli bambili you should show power, that is the way it should be…fwantamo, fwantamo. The youths deliver change, any change in the world, ngati mwamvela that there is change ninshi ma youths bachita deliver, you cannot be different here. It is you to deliver the change,” Hichilema said.

He said the UPND had clocked 20 years not by chance but owing to its fitting organisation.

“Chipani chatu chankala 20 years…Over 20 years, kulibe chancing at all. Chipani sichingakwanise 20 years by chance but because chipani chanu there is proper organisation and coordination, because there is leadership. I want to thank the leaders of our party since 1997, those that formed the UPND, the late Mazoka and his team. I know where Mazoka is, he is saying thank you for taking the party where it is,” he said. “So many of our members are no longer with us but even where they are, they are proud of you the UPND of Lusaka, the youths of the Copperbelt, the youths of Lusaka. They are proud of you because you have taken the party to a different level.”
Hichilema urged the youths not to relax because they had taken the party to the higher level because the battle for a better Zambia had just begun.

He said in order to fulfill the vision of the UPND founding fathers and mothers, the vision they were walking on, the party must win and win big in the 2021 elections.

“Siunga sunge ziko ngati ulibe vision, nga tawakwata icimonwa teti usunge ichalo iyo. Bambi they have admitted ati tabakwata icimonwa nomba kuti wasunga shani ichalo nga tawakwata icimonwa? Where there is no vision, where there is no leadership people perish, the Bible says so. That is why this country is going nowhere under the leadership of these people. In fact, there is no leadership under the PF,” Hichilema said.

Hichilema said to save the country from collapse and further damage, his party had a duty to deliver the people of Zambia towards development.

He added that UPND had a duty to deliver Zambia from the squalor it is now to what the nation desires it to be.
“We have all agreed that PF has failed, PF has failed, bayende bapumule. Chipani chasala chabe nichipani chanu cha UPND. There is no other party to liberate this country, kulibe. Only UPND can turn around the fortunes of this country. Very consistent party, from 1997, banayesa bambili ati party yatu isile but party yatu ili resilient,” Hichilema said.

He said for the UPND to form government and deliver Zambia they needed to win big, protect the vote and in turn leave it to him and his team to economically turn the country around.

Hichilema said the UPND was at the banks on the river and vowed that nothing would stop them from crossing over to save the nation from further damage.

He said he was the commander that would turn the Zambian economy, that’s why he is called a calculator boy.
“We must win and win big. Let us win a big way that’s when these thieves will not steal our vote. They have made us suffer, brought hunger in our homes. We also have to protect the vote at all costs,” Hichilema said. “We are on the banks of River Canine. We know where we are going and we know where we want to take our children. Tavutika maningi (we have suffered a lot). So once we cross the river and we are at the banks of the river and nothing will stop us from crossing that river to enter the land which we shall create for the children, youths, mothers and fathers. And when we cross, we have the third objective and that’s to turn around the Zambian economy. That’s my job, so leave it to me.”

He said he knew how to command that job.

“The coward must stay behind. They will join us when we have crossed the river. I told you after Mukobeko that I am 10 times stronger so I also want you to be 10 times stronger ba youth,” Hichilema urged.

He urged Zambians to love each other noting that there were people who wanted to use tribe to separate the unity of the nation.

Hichilema said it was a folly for one to use tribe to divide the nation.

He said those banking to divide the country in the 2021 general elections using the tribal tag would not manage as Zambians have now seen through their malevolent thinking.

“In Zambia we are one, don’t be cheated. In our homes we marry and have children, in church you are together but when its election time ati mutundu,” said Hichilema.

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