It’s Mwila who should resign, insists Komaki

FOR as long as Davies Mwila remains PF sectary general, the ruling party risks losing all future elections, Julius Komaki has observed.

Last Thursday, the PF lost a ward by-election in Lupososhi Constituency where the ruling party won its first ever parliamentary seat back in 2001.

Following the loss, Mwila held a press briefing on Friday where he gave Northern Province PF chairman Chungu Bwalya a 24-hour ultimatum in which to resign or be forced out.

“Although the opposition scooped the Ilambo ward in Lupososhi, they did not win it because of their appeal or their efforts, but we lost it because of the complacency of our structures in this area. Lupososhi Constituency in general is very significant to the Patriotic Front because it is the first ever constituency to elect a PF member of parliament in 2001. Added to this, it is a constituency that has the current Provincial Minister and interim Provincial PF Chairperson as its member of parliament. How does a sitting Provincial Minister and interim provincial chairman lose in his own house? There must be accountability for this glitch in our performance which has been generally exceptional. This is unacceptable and something must be done,” Mwila said.

Further Mwila said “Ilambo ward will be coming back to PF where it rightfully belongs, because of the PF development agenda under the leadership of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. But I want to say that as chief executive officer of the party, I have taken the issue to talk to the provincial chairman who is also member of parliament and provincial minister to make a decision whether he should keep the position of provincial minister or not. Failure to decide within 24 hours, a decision will be made by the secretariat. I hope you’ve understood what I mean.”

But Komaki said the loss of Ilambo Ward must be blamed on Mwila’s failed leadership.

Komaki who was expelled from the PF last June but insists he is still a member of ruling party said Mwila must be ashamed for asking to Chungu to resign when he, himself lost his seat to an independent candidate while he was a serving minister of home affairs.

“It is uncalled for and unfair for Mr Mwila to call for the resignation of Mr Chungu when Mr Mwila himself lost to an independent candidate when he was a sitting minister of home Affairs. Where is the intelligence? The security was under him but he still lost to an independent,” Komaki said.

He said it was Mwila’s duty to provide resources, guidance and leadership to party provincial chairmen for the growth of party.

Komaki said Mwila should take responsibility for the loss in Ilambo Ward instead of blaming Chungu.

“In fact the same way the he is calling for the resignation of Chungu, that is the same way we are calling for his resignation,” Komaki said.

He said Mwila had been rejected by the people in Northern Province, Eastern and Copperbelt provinces and that the election defeats the ruling party was getting were because of Mwila’s refusal to listen to the people on the ground.

Komaki said many ruling party members across the country had no confidence in Mwila’s leadership.

“So the only thing Mwila can do is resign on moral grounds instead of bringing confusion. If Mr Mwila continues to be at the helm of the party as secretary general, the party risks losing all future elections because the man has failed,” Komaki said.

He said Mwila’s call for Chungu’s resignation meant that he now feels how people felt when they called for his resignation.

“It’s a good thing he now feels how we were feeling when we called for his resignation. When we started talking, they thought we just hate Mr Mwila. We don’t hate Mr Mwila, the man has just failed,” said Komaki.

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