Lungu not fit to continue as President of a Christian nation, says Chifire

THE Southern African Network Against Corruption says the Environmental Investigation Agency, which has implicated President Edgar Lungu, Ministers Jean Kapata and Given Lubinda and the President’s daughter; Tasila is a very serious indictment on the Presidency and cannot be ignored.
Reacting to the report of President Lungu’s involvement in the sell of Mukula tree, SANA president Gregory Chifire said although it had become fashionable under the Patriotic Front for leaders to be involved in endless scandals, it still remained an abomination for leaders to be cited in indignities.
“The report by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) that has implicated President Edgar, Ministers Jean Kapata and Given Lubinda and the President’s daughter, Tasila is a very serious indictment on the President that cannot be ignored,” Chifire said.
Chifire lamented that it was even a bigger abomination for a Head of State to be mentioned in a crime against the people he leads. 
He said good leadership entails that one leads by example. 
“Leadership by example is a hallmark of good leadership, and the opposite also holds true. If one fails to lead by example, they have failed to lead, and must either on own volition step aside or the followers ask them to step aside. Our President has unfortunately failed to lead by example, he has failed to protect our resources, and he is not fit to continue as President of a Christian nation because Christianity demands a high moral platitude,” he said.
Chifire insisted that President Lungu must resign as he had fallen from grace and missed the mark. 
“It is immoral for Lungu to be involved in elicit conduct bearing in mind that the people of Zambia have deposited in him the trust to look after their lives and property. The people of Zambia feed him, cloth him, shelter him, transport him, at their expense, out of their painfully paid taxes. Then he repays them by plundering their resources! This man is ungrateful. The poor look after him and his family, is this the way to repay them? What hasn’t Zambia done for this man? He flies more than any president in Africa; he has one of the most expensive private jets for a head of state in Africa, he goes to the most expensive hospitals in the world at the expense of us all; surely is this what he and his daughter repay us?” wondered Chifire. 
He further said President Lungu was a very ungrateful man as not long ago he was suffering and being wasted ‘kwa Jeke’, his law practicing license had been revoked by the Law Association of Zambia for a crime which was in public domain but Zambians who he had turned against picked and polished him.
“He was drinking whatever stuff he laid his hands on, but the people of Zambia picked and cleaned him. He is now wearing slim fit designer suits, wearing expensive cologne, drinking expensive Champaign, eating caviar, roe and lobsters. But alas he has turned against them. The old proverbs hold true, ‘ the sow that was washed returned to her wallowing in the mire’, ‘ a leopard cannot change its spots’. They say ‘Akankhala pa bwino, poipa paitana’,” he said.
A Lungu tapapata, leave our resources. We have had enough of your scandals; leave the Presidency before you wipe out the little that is remaining. You have achieved your hidden objective.”
Chifire lamented that President Lungu had destroyed all that Zambians sweated for and wondered whether he was happy with such a legacy.
“You have successfully managed to destroy all what Zambians sweated for to build. Are you happy with the legacy that you have built? Honestly speaking, you have built a very bad legacy for yourself. If you don’t know, out there, they are saying that you are presiding over the most corrupt regime. That’s what people will remember you for. That’s your legacy, unless you change, hope you can, but that will defy natural law, it needs a miracle from God. Anyway, miracles do happen,” Chifire, said. 
Chifire noted that for a long time Zambians have been wondering why their President was failing to discipline his erring ministers.
He said the answer was right before the nation owing to the recent Mukula scandal. 
“I wish he could apologize to [Emerine] Kabanshi for pretending to her that he held a higher moral fort than her, when in fact not,” said Chifire.

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