Arrogant PF leaders should swallow bitter pill – Mambo

CHIKONDI Foundation president Bishop John Mambo says government leaders’ arrogance will not move Zambia from its economic doldrums.

Bishop Mambo says PF leaders should also stop insulting Zambians with their “filthy corruption money”.

Reacting to the PF government attacks on US Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote, Bishop Mambo noted that the PF had taken one issue – gay rights – while remaining silent on corruption, which the Ambassador challenged them on.
He said Zambia did not need an arrogant leader who could not listen to advice.

Bishop Mambo said ambassadors did not work in isolation but represented the larger international diplomatic community.

“The leaders that we have in government, whether ministers, the councillors and all that, they have become ‘kings’ not servants. And this is why I am bold enough to say they need to be shown the door in 2021. We don’t need them; we don’t need arrogance. If you want to be my servant, you can’t be a servant and become a king overnight, no. I am paying you. It is taxpayers’ money they are being paid but they don’t listen to anything that the majority Zambians have said, they have rubbished them,” Bishop Mambo said.

“They have become filthy rich with corruption; they should stop insulting Zambians. They should look at Zambians as their paymasters. We pay them. But they are behaving like they are kings. No, it is not good. They started with the German [Ambassador] now it’s the American [Ambassador], it is not a good sign.”

He said Ambassador Foote in his recent statement raised the issue of corruption in Zambia’s governance among many issues but the PF government had narrowed on gay rights to hide its wrongs.

Bishop Mambo said US-Zambia relations should not be reduced to only receiving aid but should be based on mutual respect and accountability.

“Zambia is one country that the American has sent more missionaries to do good work for us,” he noted. “They have not declared themselves as a Christian nation, but if you look at the dollar, it says ‘In God We Trust’. Meaning that in their pockets what they put is God first. It is a country of the brave and people that are upfront.”

Bishop Mambo said it would not help in any way for the patient to argue with the doctor but swallow a bitter pill.

He said it was about time Zambian citizens put their country in order.
“In this case the American Ambassador was warning us on a number of issues. One of it is we just want to receive and never allow someone to advise you. It does not help when you are unwell to argue with the doctor. Take the medicine, no matter how bitter it might be. We must be accountable for the money that we get,” Bishop Mambo urged.

He said for Zambia to get IMF help, it must clear its name from the abuse of donor funds.

“Whether we like it or not, we cannot come out of this economic doldrums without knocking on the doors of the IMF. Who has the most contributing power in the IMF? It’s America. We want to knock on the doors of the World Bank, who has the most power? It is America. And in fact they are saying don’t worship us, but govern your people according to the fear of the Lord, which you are not doing. He has said ‘it is disheartening for people to hate me to an extent of even threatening’ his life in the name of Christianity. Meaning it is lip service because Christianity is about love thy neighbour, it is compassionate and all that. It does not augur well to investors,” said Bishop Mambo.

“We have taken one issue of [gay rights while] forgetting a number of issues that our leaders are sweeping under carpet such as corruption, issues that we need to address, not just to refund stolen money secretly.”

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