Get rid of anger and violence, Fr Phiri urges Christians

CHIPATA Catholic Diocesan Bishop’s secretary Father Felix Phiri says stubborn habits that Christians fail to get rid of are like stains in
 their faith.

In his sermon at St Anne’s Cathedral Parish on Sunday, Fr Phiri said Christians should rid themselves of the seeds of hatred and revenge which are planted in their hearts.

“Let’s get rid of the seeds of anger and violence in our homes and embrace the reign of Emmanuel. If we do that, it means we are truly listening to the call of John the Baptist, to convert and to change
because change is possible,” he said. “There are some of us who just remain stuck to these bad habits because we are just lazy to make an effort to change.”

Fr Phiri said if Christians do not shed off bad habits, they become like pollution in the water of life.
“What happens to us as well, if you have these bad habits, sin becomes a stain on your life as a Christian,” he said. “These stubborn habits
that we fail to get rid of, they become a stain in your life. Your beautiful lifestyle is not beautiful anymore because of your bad habits. So if you don’t shed off these bad habits that you enjoy doing, you become like a piece of pollution in the water of life.”

Fr Phiri said a Christian who embraces sin becomes like a polluted person in a Christian community.

“Get rid of the stubborn habits, convert, try again. That’s the season of Advent that we celebrate, the season that gives us hope that humanity is a future. We don’t just die in sin but there is hope that Jesus Christ is there and that He wants what is best for us,” he said.

Fr Phiri said there was always hope that Christians could build their lives no matter how broken they could be.

He called for radical change in the lives of Christians so that they embraced the reign of the Messiah.

Fr Phiri said the Word of God was there to repair and rehabilitate the hearts of individuals.

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