A leader’s best investment is in people – Zulu

LUANGENI member of parliament Charles Zulu says the best investment a leader can ever make is in people.

And Mwami Adventist Hospital management says it has spent over K70,000 on fuel for generators because of the current load-shedding by Zesco.

Speaking when he donated assorted items to Mwami Hospital on Sunday, Zulu said a person’s wealth translates to nothing if it is not used to help the needy in society.

“The best investment for every leader is to invest in the people. You can have a lot of vehicles, you can have a lot of money or houses but that cannot amount to anything if your people are suffering,” he said.
Zulu said he knew the problems that the hospital was facing due to his frequent visits and interactions with members of staff.

He said he was however happy that 90 per cent of the villages in the constituency have access to clean and safe drinking water.

Zulu said the death of his wife Pamela Mwale-Zulu two months ago would strengthen him to work hard for his people.
He said he worked well with former hospital administrator Enock Chitakwa.

Zulu also urged the people of Luangeni to keep themselves well during the festive season. He also pledged to buy blankets for the hospital.

Chikando ward councillor Goodson Banda, who accompanied Zulu, said he was impressed with the MP’s works in Luangeni Constituency.

Banda said Zulu always thinks about his constituents in both good and bad times.

He said the people should reflect on Zulu’s selfless leadership in the constituency.

And Mwami Adventist Hospital administrator Peter Tembo said Zulu’s donation would go a long way in helping the institution.

“Most of the things that he has donated we do not have them ourselves and now that they have been brought, we are going to stock those particular products in the storeroom. Those that need crutches they will find them. The health workers that don’t have gloves – you know gloves are in short supply in Zambia – these gloves that have been brought will go a long way in helping the medical workers to work effectively in their respective workplaces,” he said.

Tembo said one of the main challenges that the hospital was facing was electricity.

“We have less hours that we have electricity at this particular place and so you will find that most of the diesel that we use here has escalated to over K70,000 at this particular moment. And for a hospital, like this one, that K70,000 can go a long way especially that we are in a rural area,” said Tembo. “That money can help clean this particular place and to make it more habitable and more comfortable to the patients that come to this particular place. This facility is looking for many more people that can come and help.”

Earlier on Saturday when he briefed Makwe residents about his wife’s demise, Zulu said he does not fear death but losing an election.

He said losing an election would mean that the future of the children would be doomed because he had an agenda for the people of Luangeni.

Paramount Chief Mpezeni’s representative Ackson Njobvu said the chief was touched by news of Pamela’s demise.

Zulu also donated wheelchairs and assorted items to the people and Makwe Clinic.

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