It’s sad reading that a person claiming to advocate for climate change is a perpetrator – Banda

SINDA UPND chairperson James Banda says either President Edgar Lungu has wrong advisors or he does not want to listen to them.

In interview following the Mukula scandal revelation in a Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) report where president Edgar Lungu is mentioned to have a hand, Banda said it made sad reading to hear a person who claims to advocate for climate change being the perpetrator.

Banda said Zambians were looking for a leadership that would be able to put the needs of the people first than their own needs like what was happening in PF government.

“We love Edgar Lungu but the only problem is that it’s either he has wrong advisors or himself he does not get advice from the advisors. The qualities of a leader include answering to the needs of the people, putting people’s interest first but when you see leaders doing things for themselves then they are not good leaders as they do things for themselves,” Banda said.

He added that President Lungu was fighting against his own words on climate change because even if he plants trees, he was merely blindfolding the people.

“President Lungu is fighting against his words on climate change for he can’t talk of it when he is mentioned in the Environment Investigation Agency Mukula scandal report. When we see him planting trees, he is just touching people in the eyes, hence we always say there is no road in the leadership of PF because corruption and theft its the order of the day in PF,” Banda said.

He said three months ago, in Lusangazi district of Eastern Province, trucks ladden with Mukula logs were impounded, and people involved were identified but nothing had been done to them.

“…which means it’s a team, it’s a group, it’s a big chain which simply means this government did not come with a purpose to serve the interest of the people. The fact is that the PF leadership lacks parental advise,” he said.

Banda expressed fear that once President Lungu leaves his position, his followers would land him in trouble.

“Going towards 2021, it’s a known issue that Hakainde [Hichilema] will form government but as it is, he (Lungu) is likely to leave his position to face a lot of things because of his followers such as the daughter and others who think they have more power than anyone else. The President is just a mere leader who was elected by the people but not to get all the powers the people have,” Banda said.

Banda further said even the fencing of Chimtengo forest after Tasilla bought late Ben Zulu’s farm had brought misery to people who cannot access a health centre easily, whose animals cannot access water in the forest, and people can’t gather wild fruits.

“The other issue is that the fencing of Chimtengo forest is against people’s will because it’s where animals used to drink water. The clinic is there and people have to use a long route than the usual one [passing throough the forest] to access the facility, children can’t hunt mice in it and last time boys as young as 10 years were arrested for hunting mice there or birds and not only that, the wild fruits gathering and mushroom is no longer accessed due to the fencing. To be factual, the suffering of the people around Chimtengo started the moment the fencing was done,” Banda said.

He said the PF government does not deserve even a single vote in 2021.

“If people can make informed decision for 2021, such leaders don’t deserve to get, not even a single vote in 2021. This is the time Zambians sit down and analyse the current situation and what can redeem them,” said Banda.

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