Zambia is the worst governed of countries at peace – Akafumba

ZAMBIA is the worst governed country in Africa, says NDC vice-president Josephs Akafumba.

And Akafumba says Zambians should brace for prolonged electricity load-shedding.

Akafumba said despite having helped South Africa to come out of apartheid, Zambians were now dependent on that country.

“I met a lot of Zambians based in South Africa and they are thrilled at the levels of political tolerance among the different political parties there. They even wonder why ZNBC cannot take a leaf from the SABC who accord equal airtime to all politicians as long as it is newsworthy. EFF’s Julius Malema is accorded live broadcasts, demonstrations are allowed and policed to professional perfection…but here we have a god in Kaizer Zulu who can beat up people and the police hide as if they have seen Adolf Hitler,” he said.

“Alas for mother Zambia, ba Lungu feels he is the Alpa Omega for all Zambians, he thinks all Zambians’ lives are dependent on him. He feels he can tell God to stop the supply of oxygen to this nation. He has stifled the media and ZNBC journalists can be told when and when not to jump or laugh. In my own analysis, Zambia is the worst governed nation in Africa among the nations that are not at war and this all is because of ba Edgar Lungu and his bunch of bootlickers,” Akafumba said.

He added that there were many examples of nations that were well governed that President Lungu could draw lessons from such as Tanzania.

Akafumba said while Tanzania was saving on expenditure by political leaders, President Lungu was busy thinking of what next to buy for himself and his ministers.

“He can afford to buy a jet for himself, we now have a revelation of the Mukula saga and the man is silent. His South African and Tanzanian counterparts sometimes travel using commercial airlines, alas ba Lungu can’t fly SAA or BA (South African Airways or British Airways) as people may get videos of him drinking,” he said.
Akafumba said with load-shedding in South Africa having been effected by ESCOM, Zambian deserve to be told the truth over electricity importation from that country.

“Load-shedding in South Africa is at level 2 now and I doubt that we will get any power from that country…after all we have had a lot of lies from both Zesco, energy minister, Dora Siliya and even ba Lungu himself. So I urge Zambians to brace for more load-shedding hardships,” said Akafumba.

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