We wish they could hear Nkomeshya’s cry

Senior chieftainess Nkomeshya says the Patriotic Front government is fighting her left, right and centre.

And she laments, “We are 73 ethnic groups in Zambia and all of them, they have got their own ceremony according to their tribe and culture. Nobody disturbs them. What is it that I have done myself to deserve this type of treatment and punishment, harassment? What is it that I have done? And that is what I will need somebody up there to tell me where I have gone wrong? To tell me what wrong I have made against the Government of the Republic of Zambia. I am a senior chieftainess, my role according to the Constitution is to support the government of the day, to which I support. I never talk about politics myself, which has destroyed these children. When I say there is biasness in the distribution of wealth of this country, then I stand to speak. And I will not withdraw. I will speak and I will continue to speak but those who want to react to whatever I speak or I say, they have all the freedom to even to invite me, even to go to State House – I am ready to go and be asked, what is this Chieftainess that we are hearing? If I have something to say, I will say it before my President, because I am one of those who gave the support to the President of the Republic of Zambia in 2015 and 2016 and all these subjects who voted for him. And these, if there is anything they want from their government, is to give them provisions. They have talked about the seed, they have talked about fertiliser, and they have talked about infrastructure development, roads, and bridges. These are the things that people ask for. When you ask for such things, is it an offence to get reprimanded? I obliged, I invited one of our own Paramount Chief Mpezeni all the way from Eastern Province, Chipata, to come and be my guest of honour…Who is like me, who is part of me, who is part of my family, because the part of government said they didn’t want to do that. Was I wrong? I wasn’t wrong. Every time we invite them they give us a representative, but it is them who said choose yourselves a person to be your guest of honour. I did it. Now, what was the point and reason to dispatch more than 40 buses all the way from Lusaka to come here, to come and disrupt my ceremony with more than 600 cadres? I want an explanation from the high authority. What was the reason? They tell me, what is it? Am I so big that a contingent of more than 40 buses with more than 600 cadres they would be descended upon me. To come and kill me? If it is to kill me, even one person can kill me. I am a woman, very small in height, small in body. I don’t even need two bullets to finish my life. I don’t need it. If that is what my government wants, they can do it but they should give me a reason why I have become a thorn in their flesh. What is it that I have done? I am asking because they are fighting me left, right and centre. Every day, my land has been invaded by government. My people have been threatened every day. They can’t go and work in their fields. Am I the only chiefdom that has got land here in Zambia that all of them, the leadership should all be in Lusaka Province? I have given them land for Mikango Barracks to defend the people of Zambia and not to come and fight me. And when I gave that land to Mikango Barracks to defend the people of Zambia many years back in 1972, to protect the people of Zambia, there was no agreement that the land that I have given to Dr [Kenneth] Kaunda, he is the one I gave and I thank God that Dr Kaunda is still alive and he has seen what is happening… I hope one day, he will say something about it. If land that I gave to government for military establishment, how can it change now to be a residential for those who are up there. Ministers, presidential people, they all have land in this chiefdom. What is it for? So, if the purpose that I gave Mikango Barracks there in 1972, the purpose of it is no longer important or necessary, they should withdraw Mikango from there. They take their barrack and their equipment somewhere else, so that my people can occupy the land than those. If military guns can only take the lives of civilians, how about those with power? When there is a gun, can it miss?”

The Soli people have been very generous. They have shared their land with us. Apart from the Lenje and Lamba, there’s no ethnic group in this country that has given its land to the common national good.
But look at the way we treat them!

As for chieftainess Nkomeshya this is the price she has to pay for her independence. Our politicians don’t like independent-minded people. They want everyone, including chiefs, to kneel before them and worship them and their corrupt and heinous deeds. Those who, like chieftainess Nkomeshya, don’t are condemned, harassed and humiliated.
We wish they could hear her cry and respond favourably.

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