ZAF officer says it’s fair to attribute his NRC to Edgar Lungu

A ZAMBIA Air Force officer Edgar Lungu has told the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court that it is fair for someone to attribute his NRC to the Head of State due to misapprehension of identity.

This is in a matter where New Labour Party leader Fresher Siwale is facing a charge of defamation of the President for calling on law enforcement agencies to arrest president Edgar Lungu on allegations that he is an identity fraud.

During cross-examination by Siwale’s lawyers Keith Mweemba and Gilbert Phiri, Lungu told the court that he obtained his National Registration Card (NRC) at the age of 21.

He said that there was a difference of five years between the stipulated age in which to obtain an NRC and the time he obtained one.

“This is my second NRC; the first one was mutilated through my mishandling of the NRC. The mutilated NRC has been kept among my records at ZAF,” Lungu said.

He affirmed that there was no physical NRC that was displayed on Muvi TV during the assignment programme as photocopies of NRCs were brandished by Siwale and that only the number of the NRC which he claimed ownership was displayed.

Lungu denied engaging Muvi TV in relation to his NRC that was displayed during the assignment programme.

He confirmed that it was possible for an individual to forge an NRC, including his, as there were several people named Edgar Lungu in the world.

When asked whether the replaced NRC looked like it had been tampered with, the ZAF officer responded in the affirmative.

When asked why the picture looked like it was taken recently, Lungu claimed that his face looks the same as he had lost weight.

He affirmed that there was no proof that he was Edgar Lungu as he did not produce his birth certificate or school reports.

He said his NRC was proof to show that he was Edgar Lungu.

The witness said he does not know how many NRCs the Head of State has.

“It will be news to me because he is supposed to have one identity card,” he said.

When asked who was paying him to testify in the matter, Lungu said that he was called by force headquarters to testify against Siwale, further conceding that he was not the one who complained about his NRC being displayed on Muvi TV.

Lungu confirmed that Siwale had the right to question the identity of the President as he was expressing his rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights.

He affirmed that it was fair to attribute his NRC to that of President Lungu as a result of misapprehension of identity as was the case of Siwale.

“It is fair that someone could attribute my NRC to that of the Head of State, depending on circumstances,” said Lungu.

At the last sitting, the ZAF officer told the court that Siwale displayed his NRC on Muvi TV’s assignment programme alleging that it belonged to President Lungu.

Lieutenant Lungu claimed that the NRC which was flaunted by Siwale number 652489/11/1 belonged to him.

Lungu said during the registration of Zambia Air Force projects limited at Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA), he was requested to submit his identity card.
“I submitted a photocopy of my National Registration Card number 652489/11/1. On April 26, 2019, I was called by police officers at Force Headquarters to avail myself and carry along necessary documents,” Lungu said.

“Before that, I was watching Muvi TV’s the Assignment programme where my NRC number was displayed. I watched the programme on April 22, 2018 and the discussant was Siwale, who was discussing the identity of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. The programme was okay until he displayed my NRC.”

Lungu said before he could verify the National Registration Card at the registration office, he was called at Force headquarters.

He claimed that the National Identity Card displayed by Siwale depicts his signature, face, date of birth February 22, 1974, his village and the chief being senior chief Kalindawalo.

He added that the date of issuance of the NRC was June 27, 1995.

Lungu told court that he replaced his NRC on June 26, 2006 as the old one was damaged.

He further denied being related to President Lungu.

Trial continues on February 20, 2020

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