A lot of things are wrong in PF, says Apuleni as he joins NDC

STAND up and speak against the evils being perpetrated by the PF, says former Choma district commissioner Laiven Apuleni.

And Apuleni, a losing PF 2011 Mbabala parliamentary candidate, says the PF has been very deceitful to Zambians.

In an interview, Apuleni said he could no longer be part and parcel of the death of PF.

“There is no direction in PF, it is dead, in short my relationship with the PF has come to an end today (Monday).
I have with immediate effect joined the NDC led by Chishimba Kambwili. A lot of things are wrong in the PF and everyone knows that things are wrong, but we are quiet. As history has taught us, everything continues to go wrong when good men keep quiet. Can all good men of Zambia begin to speak out; when something is wrong, it is wrong. We are seeing massive thefts and corruption in PF but we are quiet,” he said.

“We are seeing massive mismanagement of our resources and we are silent. For how long? I urge all good men and women of Zambia to speak out against the evils being committed by the PF.”

Apuleni added that the PF had caused “so much hardship on Zambians”.

Apuleni, who is also former Sinazongwe district commissioner, it was difficult to tell if there was a government in place given the rate of people’s suffering.

“I am not ashamed that in 2016 I campaigned for the PF and President Edgar Lungu…but I think my expectations have been a very huge challenge in that PF has been very deceitful to the people of Zambia. PF has engaged itself in in rampant theft and corruption. They have caused so much misery through unplanned developments. I am greatly disappointed in the manner President Edgar Lungu has treated the people of Southern Province,” he said.

“I am so incensed that at this height of problems being faced by Zambians, people like Kebby Mbewe can claim that tribalism and propaganda is being done by the opposition when it is the PF that is responsible for tribalism and propaganda. It is time the PF owned up and accepted that they have messed up this country. Zambia is on its knees because of the PF’s mismanagement.”

He added that the NDC needed to keep the PF in-check.

Apuleni added that had the PF followed the provisions of Vision 2030, Zambia would not be experiencing the current load-sheding.

“The NDC has the capacity to create a better Zambia,” said Apuleni./SM

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