There’s sufficient prima facie corruption evidence against Lungu

“We should all reject corruption, hate it with a passion and report all suspicious acts to law enforcement agencies,” says Edgar Lungu.

Can you believe this?

Commemorating the International Anti-Corruption Day, Edgar said global efforts point to the direction that corruption is one of the biggest threats to the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals.

“Let us all do more, even at individual level. The fight against corruption begins with me, it begins with you. We should not just complain and do nothing about it. We should all take action, the time is now. The question is what action are you going to take against corruption? That is the question I pose to you today. Let us all unite against corruption, for the attainment of the much-desired corruption-free Zambia.”

Indeed, Edgar is right, we shouldn’t just complain and do nothing about corruption! The time to act is now! And the fight against corruption begins with him!

And we will respond favourably to his request and start the fight against corruption with him.

Can Edgar explain his sudden increase in wealth and that of his family members, especially his daughter Tasila. Since assuming power, Edgar’s wealth has quickly grown far beyond his earned income. It is a well established fact that unearned income is prima facie evidence of corruption.

Accordingly, there’s sufficient prima facie evidence of corruption against Edgar to warrant his arrest and prosecution.

There have been repeated calls for Edgar to explain his sudden wealth but they have gone unanswered.

As long as Edgar continues to remain silent and fails to explain his sudden wealth, he will be consistently dismissed as a corrupt leader whose words against corruption should be dismissed as mere empty rhetoric.
As long as Edgar fails to explain his wealth he will qualify to be labelled corrupt.

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