Headline Matters with Chambwa: Our Mukula bill

Ordinarily, on a day like today I’m supposed to sound reconciliatory. I mean, we are just 10 days before Christmas day. We are right into the festive season and people, I mean PEOPLE, are preparing to head to holiday resorts.
But then we can’t all go to Siavonga, Samfya, Livingstone, South Luangwa National Park (Mambwe district), Kafue National Park, Mombasa, Durban or any tourism destination you can think of. Some of “us” our festive holiday is simply at where we are! What am I talking about? Holidays or festive season? None of that!

Last week, I wrote about paying bills. Ah! My inbox from Sunday has continued receiving messages. Readers of Headline Matters with Chambwa are asking me what the easiest way to make ends meet is. Something as to how to pay bills, under these humiliating economic conditions. But how can I know is my answer! ‘I don’t know,’ is my respectful response.

But on second thought, it’s sensible enough to apply the principle of ‘let’s-all-lose.’ How can you do this? Be on alert and impound STOLEN mukula tree logs.

It’s through our mukuka tree logs that many are paying, with ease, all bills. That’s how come others now have a festive season to remember!

But certainly, it can’t be everyone who has fine dollars and millions of depreciated kwacha who is STEALING mukula tree logs. Others, many for that matter, are simply hard-workers at either their LEGAL or ILLEGAL businesses. Under the current economic order, accusing fingers are many. It seems everyone envisions that the one without a vision is the reason for all this economic mess! I don’t know.

But whatever the case, my advice to you, my readers, is that inconvenience thieves of mukula tree logs. There is no one who can do everything and there is no one who can’t do anything. I mean to stop the theft of our precious mukula tree logs. You can even be a whistleblower! Otherwise…

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