It’s difficult to trust politicians these days, says Nyanje

CHIEFTAINESS Nyanje of the Nsenga people in Sinda has complained that lies peddled by some politicians rob away the trust people had.

In interview over hunger in her chiefdom, the traditional leader said she had decided to keep quiet because talking about hunger has not helped her chiefdom in anyway.

She said a promise of relief food was made to her but in vain.

She explained that somewhere in August when chiefs and traditional affairs minister Lawrence Sichalwe handed over the new palace to her, Eastern Province deputy permanent secretary Josphate Lombe promised that in September relief food would be delivered to the chiefdom but that up to date not even a single bag had been taken to her chiefdom.

She said people were surviving on mangoes.

“As I always tell you, hunger is real banthu aliye vakulya yai (people don’t have food); they feed on these fruits – mango – but it’s already finished since they started [eating them] before they got ripe. Now you were there during the handover of this palace when we were promised relief food by September but I don’t know if up to now the month they mentioned has not reached,” she said. “Mwandi masiku yano nicobvuta kukhulupilira ayasu andale chifukwa olo ukambe vucitika lini (these days it’s difficult to trust our politicians because no matter how strongly you speak, things don’t happen). I stopped asking and if you move around, it’s pathetic to see the levels of hunger in many families.”

Chiftainess Nyanje lamented that traditional leaders were slowly losing value of some politicians.

She also complained about the deplorable state of the 22-kilometre Nyanje – Sinda road.

“The road is a known issue already and if you go at Kangele bridge, you will see that the wire used are now visible and soon it will start damaging the tyres of the vehicles….. The road is bad misana yobaba chifukwa ca mseu kuipa (our spines are paining because of the bad roads),” complained chieftainess Nyanje.

And chieftainess Nyanje said to strengthen education in her area, she had started punishing pupils who abscond or stop schools without reason.
She also said she had started punishing parents who fail to pay user fees for their young ones.

“Look how clean my yard is! I punished parents from Chokato RCH Primary School for failing to pay fees for their children and those pupils who stopped without a reason I punished them too. I want children to learn and have a brighter future. So I have started and I will continue dealing with them as long as they fail to support the academic pursuits of their children,” said chieftainess Nyanje.

Meanwhile, chief Kathumba of the Chewa people of Sinda and Katete has told the government that people would die of hunger if nothing is done.

He said the people were depending on mangoes that were finishing soon.
He urged the government to intervene.

“Here in our area, hunger is real and serious such that we can’t be shy to ask for government help so that people can have something. We need it because people have nothing to eat, people will die and after they complete of the mangoes, we don’t know where to go…” said chief Kathumba.

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