There’s too much selfishness under the PF govt, says Silumbe

LEADERSHIP Movement president Dr Richard Silumbe says there is too much selfishness under the PF government.
Dr Silumbe said PF leaders were pushing their personal interest first before the interest of ordinary Zambians.

Commenting on chieftainess Nkomeshya’s revelation that the PF leaders were fighting her left, right and centre over land in her chiefdom, Dr Silumbe said it was sad that the land given for military purposes was being shared among those in power.
He said if the government had changed the purpose of the land acquired from chieftaness Nkomeshya, it must consider surrendering it back.

“As Leadership Movement, we believe that land should belong to the indigenous of that place. So in this case, the people of chieftainess Nkomeshya area, those are the owners of that land. We don’t support cadres coming to encroach on their land.”

Dr Silumbe said his party believed that every indigenous Zambian must be empowered with titled land that could be used for survival not what was obtaining where cadres were grabbing land to sell to foreigners.
He said land was a birthright for every citizen, rich or poor.

“So, we support chieftainess Nkomeshya for the fact that people of that area should own land with titles so that they are not affected or taken advantage of. We expect that Zambians themselves should benefit from that land instead of allowing cadres to sell it to foreigners,” he said.

“The current problem that we have in this country is that there is too much selfishness, including the PF leaders. They are putting their personal interest first before the interest of people they serve or the national interest. We expect that Mikango Barracks land should belong to the barrack as per agreement with the chieftainess then as a government reserve area. It should remain like that.”

Dr Silumbe said it was not acceptable for government leaders to remain silent when those with power were abusing their positions.

He said people who were encroaching on Mikango Barracks’ land must immediately leave for its intended purpose.
“So we do not support and we believe that government should be wise enough to tell the people who are encroaching on the land meant for military training to leave. The Mikango Barracks land should remain like that,” Dr Silumbe said.

“We believe that a chief presides over people. And those people are indigenous in that particular area. They have land, they have families there. We want to ensure that every Zambian is cultivating on the land that is titled. In our culture, we respect chiefs, they are our overseers. When we get in power, we will ensure that we work closely with the chiefs and ensure that the national asset which is land is equally given to the subjects not to sell but for business.”

He said land was a greatest asset that Zambians must cherish and protect from those who want to abuse it.

“As Leadership Movement, we consider land to be the greatest asset that can be used to create jobs for our youths. It will be our responsibility to foster development through youth engagement on the use of land,” said Dr Silumbe.

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