Zambia’s only hope lies in voters changing the PF govt, says Chifire

GREGORY Chifire says Zambia’s only hope lies in voters changing the current PF government, as it has been the worst government ever.

And Chifire says former Lusaka Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu said what many are afraid to say about changing government at the next general elections.

Commenting on Archbishop Mpundu’s statement that the PF government has done more harm than good, Chifire said the PF had been worse than the colonial administration.

“Lungu has suspended basic freedoms and rights of our people. Zambia can no longer be called a functioning democracy. It’s nothing but a dictatorship, a rule of Lungu, by Lungu, for Lungu. He only shares power with cadres,” he said.

Chifire further lamented that President Lungu had sent democracy on retreat.

“The destruction, which Lungu and his minions have caused, will take great effort to rebuild. There’s nothing functioning at the moment, the country is in a state of chaos. Every day that comes, it gets worse. Our people are only surviving by the grace of God. Total shut down is looming,” Chifire said.

He added that Archbishop Mpundu had done the job, which the religious affairs minister was failing to do.

Chifire said Zambians were wondering why the country was spending so much money on the ministry whose function was only to organise national fasting and prayer day.

“Reverend Godfridah Sumaili has failed to give guidance to Lungu. Anyway, he who pays the piper calls the shots. Her attempt to make the church an appendage of the PF will not work,” he said.

Chifire, the director of the Southern Africa Network Against Corruption (SANAC), said it was unfortunate that President Lungu loves to hear what he wants to hear as he is in his own world.

Chifire noted that President Lungu was used to the ‘sweet’ counsel that those that surround him give him.

In his statement, the former head of the Catholic Church in Zambia hopes in 2021 the nation would be able to elect another government.

Featuring on Hot FM’s ‘Hot Seat’ programme last week, Archbishop Mpundu said Zambia was supposed to be a democracy where divergent views from the people were expected.

Chifire saluted the clergy for being candid.

“He has said what many are afraid to say. Unfortunately, Lungu cannot get such good advice because he has itching ears. He loves to hear what he wants to hear. He is in his own world. He is used to the sweet counsel that those that surround him give him. Whoever tells him the truth becomes his enemy. He is a very stubborn man. But remember, a stubborn fly was buried with a corpse. He feels he has outgrown democracy, he has outgrown Zambia,” Chifire said.

The exiled human rights activist lamented that President Lungu takes joy in the suffering of others and has a false public demeanor, which only shows through the behaviour of his subordinates.

“Lungu is the worst dictator this country has ever had. He does not believe in the rule of law. The man has a very bad heart. He wears a coat of democracy in the day, but in the night he sends out thugs to beat up people. He hides in instruments of power to oppress those he do not support his views,” Chifire said.

He further said President Lungu was the alpha and omega of all bad decisions the country was seeing today as everything starts and ends with him.

He said President Lungu manufactures and distributes corruption; “actually, the factory of corruption is in State House”.

“All these undemocratic decisions have a root at the feet of Lungu. If you see police denying opposition or civil society permit, it means there’s an invisible signature on the denial letter from Lungu. If you see cadres beating up people, they have blessings from him, even the shootings by cadres have his express blessings,” Chifire said.

Chifire warned that if Zambians will allow President Lungu to go beyond 2021, Zambia would be in a worse off situation than Zimbabwe.

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