Zulu asks PF to apologise to Nkomeshya, Mpezeni over Chakwala makumbi disturbance

FORMER Zambia’s High Commissioner to Australia George Zulu says the Patriotic Front must apologise to senior chieftainess Nkomeshya of Chongwe over the fracas caused by its party cadres during the 2019 Chakwela Makumbi.

Reacting to Lusaka Province PF secretary Kennedy Kamba’s remarks that the chieftainess should maintain her lane following her complaints over the disturbance that occurred at the ceremony, Zulu said the best for the PF was to apologise to both chieftainess Nkomeshya and Paramount chief Mpezeni who was the guest of honour at the ceremony.

“If the party is distancing itself from the disturbance at the ceremony then the cadres who went there must be investigated because they were not representing the interest of the party. The party must go and make an apology to senior chieftainess Nkomeshya because those have been denied by the PF, they were just thugs. The party should help to reduce the thuggery that people are using its name to cause mayhem in society. I have always believed and suspected that our double sim card arrangement (with MMD) are causing so much problems because the PF was never a violent party. It was violated by the MMD, it is in the MMD where we heard even their secretary general was being beaten by cadres,” he said.

Zulu said it was unfortunate that today people were seeing the ugly side of the double sim arrangement with the MMD.

“We must be worry of those that are coming to join the PF; they must come and sign a peace agreement that they will be heavily disciplined.

We don’t want people to be running away and view PF as a violent party, it is not. Zambians must follow the history of political parties. The party hierarchy should go and apologise to senior chieftainess Nkomeshya and indeed Ngwenyama (Paramount Chief Mpezeni). We don’t want to start picking up fights over this and that. A chief never lies, according to the way I was brought up as a Ngoni boy, my chiefs never lied, so I think the same respect I give my chief is the same respect we must give other chiefs,” he said.

Zulu said calling the chief a liar could not solve anything but seeking audience with her would greatly help.
“The best is to go to the chieftainess, sit down with her, tell her that there are so many problems but where have we gone wrong? She will help, she is a traditional leader,” he said.

Zulu who also attended the ceremony was in the entourage of Paramount chief Mpezeni.

Recently, Mpezeni condemned what transpired at Chakwela Makumbi saying it was disrespectful to the traditional ceremony and traditional

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