FORMER FAZ executive committee member Keegan Chipango says Kalusha Bwalya should be allowed to contest the position of president of the association.

In an interview, Chipango said he was going to contest the position of vice president at the 2020 general assembly.

“I find it to be in conflict with the national and FAZ constitutions with regards people who have been disciplined and have served their punishment not being allowed to contest in elections…if FIFA or CAF can allow people to contest after serving suspensions, it is a clear sign that we should even allow people like Kalusha Bwalya to stand for the position he is interested in if he has any interest left in him for the sake of football development. We should not use the ethics committee to protect our personal interests…. I always say this that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones because those in FAZ currently have skeletons in their closets,” Chipango said.

He said the ethics committee should not try to find faults in him for announcing early that he wants to stand for the position of vice-president adding that the current FAZ executive committee members were busy campaigning.

“I have already been campaigning around the country, others in FAZ are already campaigning and this can be seen with them handing out K5000 to lower divisions two months before the FAZ elections. I will not allow myself to be a victim of the ethics committee whose legal existence is now being questioned. If they try to muzzle me, I will open a Pandora box,” Chipango said.

He added that should he not contest the position of vice-president, he would advise his supporters on who they should vote for.

“Currently, I am in discussions with other people who want me to work with them. I have decided to make such a bold move after consultations. I could not announce earlier as I was advised that my decision would divide Southern Province if the current vice-president Rix Mweemba was to be adopted as a running mate to Andrew Kamanga, but it is now clear that Mweemba is not a preferred candidate for the position of vice-president under Kamanga as we hear that he (Kamanga) has found somebody from Ndola to be his running mate,” Chipango said.

He said Mweemba has been overlooked as he was from Southern which has only seven or nine votes which he does not control.

Chipango called on all FAZ councillors to reclaim back their stand in football administration.

“Please, FAZ councillors, ask yourselves as to why you are only important when it is near elections. Why are you only called for workshops when it’s almost election time? Please, don’t give up your rights like Esau in the Bible, please don’t vote for money but leadership, vote for one who can deliver the best results in football or risk being haunted for the remaining four years,” he said.

Chipango indicated that in the coming weeks, he would be touring the Copperbelt and Central provinces and asked for forgiveness in case he had injured anyone during his tenure as committee member under the Kalusha Bwalya regime.

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