Going into alliances will distract DP agenda – Kalaba

[By Chambwa Moonga in Mongu]

HARRY Kalaba has charged that the current governance arrangement where political cadres are ministers, run the civil service, markets, councils and everything will go to the dustbin once he forms government.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party (DP) president, notes that Zambians are counting on the DP to form government in 2021 and: “take the country out of the current political malaise.”

He has since invited all those aspiring to be members of parliament in Western Province on the DP ticket in 2021to get in touch with the opposition party’s provincial leadership.

“In Western Province it’s open and if you want to become a member of parliament on our party ticket, you can get in touch with the DP provincial leadership,” Kalaba said on a special interview programme on Liseli radio in Mongu.

“As a party, we are preparing seriously for the tripartite polls in 2021, which polls we are going to win.”
He underscored that the DP was not on the political platform so as to go into an alliance with another political party.

Kalaba said the DP was going to stand alone in elections.

“We are going to win the elections alone as a political party! However, all those progressive political parties that want to work with the Democratic Party are welcome to come and work with us,” Kalaba said.

“For us to be swallowed by another political party, that will not work. Going into alliances will just distract our agenda – we are not doing that.”

He indicated that: “Zambians in all the provinces are counting on the Democratic Party to form government and take the country out of the current political malaise.”

Kalaba explained that a DP government would fundamentally change the status quo in the country.

“We want the Zambian people to feel change. Right now things are in free-fall; everything is collapsing. The donors have lost confidence, the leadership has lost its moral compass,” Kalaba noted.

“When I assume the Office of President, we’ll run the country on principle. It will be a meritocratic government, as opposed to the cadreism we are seeing now. We have allowed cadres to be ministers, to run markets, to be the head of the civil service, to take over the running of councils and everything. When we come into power as the DP, that goes to the dustbin where it belongs.”

He told civil servants that he was their ally.

“The police need to be taken good care of and we know how we’ll take good care of them. Right now the police is just being used to harass political opponents of this outgoing government,” Kalaba said.
The opposition leader added that whatever manipulative doings of the PF now were the last kicks of dying horse.
“The PF is going [out of office,]” Kalaba stressed.

Meanwhile, Kalaba believes without the efforts of political luminaries from Western Province like Nalumino Mundia, Munukayumbwa Sipalo, Arthur Wina, Daniel Lisulo, and General Malimba Masheke, the province could not have attained even the little development seen there.

He said the DP’s governance agenda was clear.

“Ours is not about self-aggrandizement. We want to be social workers – we want to give ourselves to the people of Zambia,” explained Kalaba.

“If Dr Kaunda, Nalumino Mundia, Daniel Lisulo, Munukayumbwa Sipalo, Arthur Wina, Malimba Masheke and all other leaders that we’ve had in Western Province were fond of materialism, I don’t think even the little development that we are seeing today in Western Province would have been there. [But] it’s because our founding fathers were serious with the people [and] that’s one value we have in the DP.”

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