LUNGU A CRUEL CALCULATING DICTATOR…there is nothing humble about the man – Sejani

ACKSON Sejani says President Edgar Lungu is nothing than a cruel, calculating, power obsessed dictator.

Sejani says he totally agrees with Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu’s observation that PF has done more harm than good and therefore needs to be voted out in 2021.

“In agreeing with him I want to call on all Zambians to be a more discerning electorate than we have been in the past. We must not allow Mr Lungu to continue to hide behind the cloak of humbleness because there is nothing humble about the man. It is time to UNMASK him so that we all see him for what he really is. He is nothing less than a cruel, calculating, power obsessed dictator,” he said. “His actions and utterances on Bill 10 betrays this reality. His inaction against the transgressions of his aide Kaizar Zulu is further evidence of how humble our President is. Mr Zulu has unleashed a reign of terror on citizens at the pleasure of the President.”

The former local government minister in the Frederick Chiluba’s administration said he had never known of an organisation, political or otherwise, with such a large concentration of thieves, conmen and crooks like PF.

“How did this happen? A thief is a thief regardless of how big or small it is that we are talking about. If you are a lawyer and you take clients’ money without their permission, you are a thief! If you are sent to buy fire tenders that cost two hundred and fifty thousand dollars and on your way back you alter the receipt to read one million dollars, you are a thief,” he said. “Zambians, remember the harm this PF government has brought to us. Vote them out!”

Sejani said in 2021 Zambians must not fall for a song in figurative and literal sense.

“Our problems are so serious that they cannot be danced away just like that. They will need a more serious leadership with a plan, vision and a mission than a bunch of parte after parte dancers,” he said. “Mr Lungu and PF has caused more harm than good in every sector of our life. They are not even sparing the dead by allowing them to rest in peace! The case of Grandview Academy and their intention to desecrate a burial site in Kafue is a chilling confirmation of what I am saying. What a sacrilege?”

Sejani urged every Zambian to remember what they have gone through at the hands of PF since the last election.

“As you enter the polling booth in 2021 remember what you have been through. If you are a student remember that you once had meal allowances but these were cruelly withdrawn from you,” he said. “If we are marketeers don’t forget how you were hounded out of the streets at gunpoint by this pro-poor government. Retirees must not forget the long nights they spent at various offices crying for their benefits. If you are a farmer think of your suffering as government and agro-dealers played hide and seek in input distribution. It is this chaos in the agricultural sector which is responsible for the present hunger and high mealie meal prices. Civil servants and council workers must not forget their low salaries and how late they came if ever they did.”

Sejani said Zambians must not forget land grabs and displacements from their ancestral lands to accommodate party cadres or some dubious Chinese investors.

“Even the church was not spared by this ‘God’ fearing government. The church has been insulted and found unfit to lead the dialogue on national reconciliation. In all this the Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs has remained conveniently mute. It must indeed be a useless ministry,” he said. “We must not forget that as we wallow in poverty someone found it fit to buy a state-of-the-art Gulfstream complete with all luxurious amenities in the sky such as a bar. Don’t forget the various taxes brought unto you by this pro-poor party that campaigned on the platform of lower taxes and more money in your pocket.”

Sejani recalled that President Lungu had promised 500,000 jobs for the youths.

“Zambian youths wake up! To be rounded up and be taken to beat up people at Chakwela Makumbi in exchange for beer is not employment. You can be better off than this. You must remember this as you cast your vote in 2021,” said Sejani. “We know the pattern of PF campaigns now and therefore we must not fall for their cheap gimmicks. As we approach the elections somebody will hastily organise a few women to sweep around Mulungushi Textiles in Kabwe. A few days later a rally will be organized to announce that Mulungushi Textiles will be opened soon. Then we vote and nothing happens! Someone will fly around and come back to announce to us gullible Zambians that they have struck a deal for cheap fuel. We vote. I don’t know the price of fuel now? Street vendors will be brought back. The farmers will be given a better price for their produce while a spirited attempt will be made to temporarily suffocate downwards the price of mealie meal just for the purpose of securing passage at the polls.”

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