This government has failed, says Sinda headman

A VILLAGE headman in Sinda has observed that the message which the PF used to win 2016 elections has not helped communities.

In interview, headman Chikwalamba Jorophan Lungu says people were told to vote for every candidate on PF ticket but today, development in typical remote areas was not seen.

“This government has failed because if you remember, we voted for all of them starting from the president to a counsellor because they said that is when development will work effectively. We did that but look today, we have deplorable road networks, no clean water and the same suit we voted for has disappear as they pretend as if the problems are not visible to them,” he said.

Lungu said going forward, people should fill the weaker gaps in PF government with strong opposition candidates in 2021.

He said after next year, people would be very careful in choosing leaders because they have seen how people u-turn on their promises.

“Going forward, suit [voting for party’s president, MP, mayor or council chairperson, and councilor) will not be considered in 2021. We shall look at the individual capacity as to who has the credibility to serve the people diligently because we no longer want the suit. It has let us down and we shall fill the torn part of PF with strong material in opposition so that it benefits us who are in communities,” he said.

“Edgar Lungu is from Nsenga land, Charles Banda is ours, counsellor is ours and all these are under PF but why have they failed to work on various roads? Why have they failed to provide water to our communities? In my village, we are about 500 but surviving on a single borehole. Can people see development like that?” he wondered.

Lungu also wondered where the politicians who were kneeling down for votes were.
“Look, next year they will start rubbing their knees on the ground asking us to trust them. But unfortunately, last time they kneeled and we trusted them but to date we see nothing. People have seen and they have a solution in them which I have told you already, to change positions so that serious and committed ones can take charge,” Lungu said.

He said it was unfortunate that politicians forget that time to beg communities would always come.

Lungu said it was not right for politicians to be pompous and fail to deliver what they promise the people.

He wondered whether the leaders had eyes to see the deplorable states of various roads in communities which had contributed to invisible developments.

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