The small stake on the market

We recently learnt that there is a one ngwee (1n) betting stake on the Zambian sports betting industry. We obviously did not believe it as we have not heard anything about it.

We tried to follow our usual tracking of all radio and TV adverts, billboards and there in fine small print we saw one of the few adverts betPawa puts in selected newspapers. As we embarked on this journey to enquire more about betPawa and its alleged 1n stake, we called their offices to confirm the existence of this low cost stake and yes they confirmed it. The team went a step further and played with just 1n – they were able to bet. We were puzzled as to why betPawa were keeping such information to themselves!

The size of the writing also made us question on whether or not they really wanted people to know or it is the best kept secret in this growing industry in Zambia.
Why on earth would you keep this information to yourselves? Like indicated in our last article, we have seen very little marketing from betPawa compared to other betting companies like Betway, M-Bet, Gal Betting, among owners. Imagine it was Betway with the 1n stake! They would actually have a billboard in the sky.

Betway have been consistent with marketing since their entry on the market, which has been reflective on the number of people playing using their platform. You see Betway on all local TV stations and can hear them on Radio stations. And don’t forget the digital billboards they have taken up! We ask again: where is the betPawa marketing team? Why are you hiding the 1n betting stake?

We all know that betPawa is an innovative sport betting company whose goal is to be the best and largest mobile sports betting business by offering a minimal betting stake of one ngwee but why are they lagging behind in marketing their products? For some time, they have been running with the 250% bonus which we have seen has changed people’s lives with huge winnings.
Unfortunately, people are not aware of this because of their poor marketing strategy, and the current stake is not as popular as other betting company deals.

Betway has been on almost all media platforms advertising their 100% product and their location at Arcades Shopping Mall and it has been evident by the number of people talking about them on the streets. We took a small survey by chatting to a few people to hear which platforms they are using to bet. Most of them were ignorant about the 1 ngwee stake and talked about the 100% on Betway and a few did talk about the 250% for betPawa.

Recently, we saw Betway giving away a K350,356.98 big win to Kelvin Kaluba who bet a K2.00 and got away with a huge chunk of money which was something different from the winnings we have been seeing from betPawa, of which the recent one was Sylverster Kamweulu who bet K1.00 and won K123,751.92.

We continue to watch this exciting industry to see how they will give back this festive period and who, of course, will be the big winners this December.


Merry Christmas to you all and a happy betting 2020!

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