Why should Lungu be given a third term?

It’s difficult to understand why Edgar Lungu should be given a third term after all the failures and destruction.
Why should anyone really vote Edgar and his minions in 2021?

Only one who really hates this country can vote for Edgar.

What is Edgar going to do with a third term of office? Destroy the country’s economy further! Raise corruption to a level higher than this! Enrich himself more! Increase intolerance and tyranny!

From the PwC report, we now know that even these so-called development projects Edgar’s government has been irrationally carrying out were just a conduit for stealing public funds. They have even been stealing money meant to save the lives of our people. The Ministry of Health has been one of the worst when it comes to corruption, kickbacks and outright embezzlement of public funds. These are clearly heartless people. Why should one vote for such heartless people?

Look at how tyrannical Edgar has been towards political opponents or competitors! Look at how he treated Hakainde Hichilema! Brutally arresting and detaining Hakainde at Mukobeko Maximum Prison on the most ridiculous trumped up treason charges!

Look at how Edgar ignored all legal obstacles and political morality to close The Post before the 2016 elections! Look at how they looted its assets and left hundreds of its employees stranded and destitute!
And look at how Edgar has, without any legal process or court orders, occupied Dr Fred M’membe’s house in Mwika Royal Village for six months now!

Look at the way Edgar is persecuting Chishimba Kambwili!
Look at the way Edgar is harassing Harry Kalaba!

Edgar has made opposition politics a crime as if Zambia is not constitutionally a multiparty democracy!
Look at how Edgar is abusing the public order Act and the police to stifle opposition work!
Look at how Edgar and his minions have become so rich in a very short time! Look at the houses they own everywhere!

Look at how they have impoverished our homeland in such a short time!
Look at the levels of unemployment in the country! Where are the million jobs Edgar promised?
Look at our businesses! Are they doing well? For how long are you going to remain in business?
Look at the schools and the fees!

Look at the health centres, clinics and hospitals! Where is the medicine? Where are the nurses, clinical officers and doctors? Do you have money for medicines?

Why should Edgar be given a third term of office? To come and completely finish off this country and its people?
The choice is yours!

Of course, they can attempt to manipulate the electoral process and rig the election! But if you are vigilant and alert, they won’t succeed.

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