Remain calm, there’s light at end of tunnel, MMD MP tells electorate

MMD Mkaika member of Parliament Peter Phiri has encouraged his electorates to remain calm as there is a light at the end of the problems they are facing now.

In interview, Phiri said despite the problems that Zambia was facing economically, no situation was permanent and that one day people would rejoice.

“I will urge the people of Mkaika to remain calm because there is a light at the end. We are living in a difficult situation economically but I believe that every situation doesn’t remain permanent, it will pass and better things are coming. It might not be in my time but its so unfortunate that most of the things I promised the people are not happening due to what we are experiencing as a country,” he said.

He said the absence of constituency development funds had attracted criticism on parliamentarians.

He said Mkaika only received a full allocation of the CDF in 2018 while in 2017 only K700,000 from K1,600 000 was received making it hard to do all the development projects.

“We are supposed to receive these monies every year but we only received these monies in full last year 2018. As for this year, there is nothing. In 2017, we received K700,000 and that makes us MPs face difficulties in doing things. That money (CDF) helps us very much, we have tried to use our own money but that can’t be compared to CDF,” he said.

He expressed worry that time was too short for members which could satisfy people.

“The government says they don’t have money to give us as CDF, now this is 2019 and next year it’s 2020, even if we receive it now, you find that we have a short period to do the developments which people can appreciate as you know that the other year it’s for elections. So you can see how tricky it is for us MPs,” Phiri said.

And Phiri said water and roads were major challenges in his area.
He said the roads were last worked on 2011.

“Year in year out, the government has been promising to do the roads but nothing has been done. They have done much in urban areas to which we appreciate but in rural areas most roads have been neglected. In my area, since 2011, no road has been done despite submitting these roads every year to the council and to the ministry,” lamented Phiri

He said he was lucky to have some roads in his area considered under World Bank programme, although it was taking long to start.

“There is nothing we can do as people blame us on absence of development and we have to receive the blame because they are looking up to us. and it’s difficult to explain to people about the challenges we are facing as MPs,” said Phiri.

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