Rescind marijuana decision, Chihana urges government

WHAT kind of a parent is President Edgar Lungu who disciplines one child involved in homosexuality and claps for another growing and sharing marijuana with his neighbours, asks Bishop Simon Chihana.

Commenting on Cabinet’s approval of a proposal to legalise the production of marijuana for export, Bishop Chihana wondered why it could condemn one evil and embrace another immorality.

The International Fellowship of Christian Churches (IFCC) president accused the PF of hypocrisy.

“What is wrong with the government of President Lungu? They are just coming from standing against homosexuality and now they are endorsing the growing and exporting of marijuana. What kind of a parent is President Lungu, he disciplines one child involved in homosexuality and claps for another child growing and sharing marijuana with his neighbours. To condemn one evil and embrace another evil, is a typical hypocritical life by our sitting government of Patriotic Front, is this being patriotic?” he wondered.

Bishop Chihana wondered whether President Lungu knew the connection between drugs and homosexuality.

“Does Mr Lungu know that most of the young people addicted to marijuana are also easily involved in homosexuality and other vices or must I say that, does Mr Lungu know that a good number of homosexuals are also on addicted to drugs such as marijuana,” he asked. “As a preacher of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and as a Christian counselor also involved in the deliverance ministry of people bound by various problems, I encounter such challenges faced by people of all kinds. Government must rescind this decision of growing marijuana for export.”

He wondered why the government of President Lungu won’t invest in growing more food because there are hungry people in Zambia and other nations of the world.

Bishop Chihana said people need food for their stomachs and good health than ichamba (marijuana).

He said with the latest development on the herb, it was clear that the PF government had their priorities misplaced.

Bishop Chihana said if the PF was not willing to rescind the decision, then Zambians must be urged to vote them out of power in 2021.

“This is a very big disgrace upon a nation calling itself a Christian nation in the whole world. Other nations are strengthening laws to combat drug trafficking and we are creating laws to grow the same drugs. Why and what’s wrong with our government? Why are they pretending on being a Christian nation when they know very well that they don’t mean it?” he asked.

Bishop Chihana said the PF was using Christianity to blindfold Zambians for votes.

“This is a very shameful act by Mr Lungu and his government and we shall not sit back to let such a wicked act be implemented by selfish individuals in the name of growing medication,” he said.

Bishop Chihana added that President Lungu must not allow himself confirming rumours that he at times associates with drug traffickers.

He advised the President to be above board and focus on the acceptable developmental programmes.

Bishop Chihana warned that it would be very difficult to control drug trafficking if the decision was not reversed and that it the act would render the Drug Enforcement Commission moribund.

“I want to urge my fellow clergymen and women to rise up against this evil brought about by the PF government, let the Zambian people rise against this evil. It shall be very difficult to control drug trafficking in this nation and it shall render the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) totally useless and all money laundering matters shall not be of use and Zambia will be another Bogota or Colombia where drug barons rule and law enforcing officers live in heavy corrupt practices, politicians are feeble feeding on the tables of the drug barons and citizens live in great fear not of the law but the drug traffickers,” said Bishop Chihana. “Lord have mercy on Zambia. Where did we go wrong, please come and deliver Zambia from the evil that has come upon us, of the anti-Christ.”

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