League is helping to grow futsal in Zambia – Mehta

[By Bright Tembo] 

WILDCAT Zambian Premier Futsal League chairman Taraka Mehta says the league which is in its third year has helped in growing the sport in the country. 

In an interview, Mehta said the league has grown in the last two years and seen much improvement among teams and players. 

He said in order to strengthen the league, the organisers have extended an invitation to Super League coaches to come and have a look at what they can learn from the fast played game. 

“The Wildcat Zambian Premier Futsal League has grown, looking at how we started two years ago, and the sport has really shown that Zambia has a lot of talented players that can represent the country at different levels of the competition,” Mehta said. 

“We have seen that a lot of teams now have a better understanding of the game. They have shown dedication and understand the rules of the game, futsal, and we are happy with the growth of the league and the sport itself. We are engaging the premier football league teams to come and see how the sport can help them and maybe bring their reserve teams to join the league and gain more experience in playing futsal. We have plans next year to see some of the coaches in the Super League. Maybe they can engage some of their players in the futsal league.”

He however, warned that some clubs may see their sponsorship being withdrawn if they are not adhering to the rules of the game.

“Some of the clubs will see their sponsorship being withdrawn because they are failing to deliver and follow the simple rules required when you are playing the game,” said Mehta.

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