Lungu replaces Kaizar with author

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has finally fired his political advisor Kaizar Zulu, replacing him with Chris Zumani Zimba.
Zulu has been embroiled in violence for almost the whole time he has been the President’s political advisor.

President Lungu congratulated Zimba, who recently was associated with Chishimba Kambwili, on his appointment.

“I wish to advise you that the office you have been appointed to is very demanding, and it requires you to be up to speed in understanding and analysing not only the country’s political climate, but also international politics,” he said when swearing him in.

“In your new appointment, you will also be expected to give timely advice and solutions to the Head of State on political matters pertaining to the country and the world. This should be done in the nation’s best interest, and the people of Zambia, and in accordance with democratic principles.”

President Lungu told Zimba that as he executes his duties, he should keep abreast with geopolitics “for us to be in tune with the globe”.

President Lungu was confident with Zimba’s vast experience in political science, democratic governance and public policy, he was equal to the task ahead of him.

“Your appointment is also a clear demonstration that when the youth are motivated, empowered and focused, [they] can positively contribute to the development agenda being implemented by government,” President Lungu said.

“Our appointment to this very senior position in the government should, therefore, aspire other young Zambians to work hard in order to achieve their goals.”

President Lungu advised Zimba to “steer clear of unpleasant situations” which would compromise his duties as a presidential advisor.

He advised him to use his position to promote good politics in the country.

“Remember, with your portfolio, you will be required to analyse local politics which in most cases is full of acrimony. You, therefore, need to rise above petty partisan politics because you will be advising me as Republican President, and not just as party leader,” President Lungu told Zimba, who is author of ‘A Christian Nation in a Brothel State for Drunkards, Superstitious and Corrupt Citizens’.

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