L/stone police arrest pilato over yellow card campaign

PILATO has been arrested in Livingstone for embarking on what the police say is “unlawfall assembly” of the Yellow Card Campaign.

In an interview at the Livingstone Central Police Station, Fumba Chama aka Pilato said his resolve for better, transparent governance had now been uplifted even more to embark on the Yellow Card campaign against the PF government.

“They are saying that they can’t give me police bond because the senior police officers have gone for sports activities. But I wonder what they will say tomorrow (Today) being Sunday a day they say I will be given bond,” he said.

“I was having the normal Yellow Card sensitisation meetings with youths in Libuyu when policemen with PF cadres come and arrested me and charged with a case of unlawful assembly. But my resolve has even been more amplified and I will continue to fight for good governance. For me, it’s fine, I am used,” Pilato said.

He wondered why he and Laura Miti and Maiko Zulu were not arrested when a similar programme was conducted outside chief Mukuni’s Lumpasa palace in September.

“They feared the chief, but please, let him (chief Mukuni) know that his son has been given a room at the Central Police Station,” Pilato said with a smile.

Pilato, who was in high spirits, informed a plain clothed policeman that the toilet in the cells was overloaded with faecal matter.

The policeman then promised to go outside and have it flushed down.

Pilato during feeding time at 16:30 hours was under heavy guard of three female police officers, including a plain clothed officer.

UPND Southern Province secretary Winnerson Ng’uni led a team of opposition leaders to give Pilato food which he decided to be shared among other inmates who did not receive any help from their relative.

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