[By Bright Tembo]

ZANACO FC general manager Marlon Kananda says Numba Mumamba’s dual roles
have affected the team’s performance.

Numba is currently Zanaco coach and part of the technical bench of the Zambia national team.

Speaking during the Chat in Group Zed Football Zone on WhatsApp, Kananda said while the club cannot stop its coach from serving the national team, his absence was having an effect on the club.

“Definitely it does, you can only serve one master at a time. What makes it more complicated is that if Zanaco had to refuse to release the coach, we are denying the coach an opportunity to broaden his CV. But truth be told, it affects the team,” he said.

With the club having sent its assistant coach Dabid Chilufya on leave back in September, Kananda said the matter would be resolved before the year ends.

“The issue of Dabid is an administrative issue and communication will be made at an appropriate time as to the way forward with the coach. This should happen by or before 31 December 2019,” Kananda said.

He feels that FAZ can improve on the support it has been giving teams in the league.

“We get the necessary support but I feel we can get more than we do. We need to see more on stakeholder engagements. We need to see stakeholders free to discuss issues without being seen as enemies,” Kananda said.

“We have limited companies that can fully sponsor a team and all the teams will be fighting to get something out of those companies. I personally feel government can help in this area by giving incentives to organisations that sponsor sports in the country. Our vision is to see that Zanaco FC becomes a professional and leading football club throughout the football world. We want to grow a sustainable, professional and socially responsible organisation. In five years, the club should be able to sustain its operations. There has been a lot of engagements with different stakeholders, we have a dream and these dreams can only be fulfilled by engaging the right stakeholders. The biggest challenge is changing the mindset to that of looking at football as a business. It will take a bit of time to change this, but we need to start making people understand that football is a business.”

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