Headline Matters with Chambwa 2019

Today isn’t the last day of this year. If anything, it’s being silly, on my part, to say it. Year-end, mid-year or new year are no-brainers; everybody is a sure expert on such.

So, today December 22, we are nine days away from January 1, 2020. This year will be called last year, in that number of days from today. But ‘how has been 2019?’ should be the question. There cannot be a single correct response to such a question. If you asked Edgar Lungu (don’t ask me which one), he would probably say “we have recorded many political success stories.”

Anti-corruption campaigners would say “NOT MUCH, not much has been realised in stamping out corruption,” Mampi would answer that “I’ve gained a lot of experience by listening to new songs from upcoming singers,” Iris Kaingu would tell us about her ‘planting’ Meno a Ngweshi Resort (teeth for tiger fish) on the banks of Zambezi River near Sesheke, some man called Kakoma Kanganja would weigh in on the “ups and downs” of his uniformed officers.

But my Dora Siliya would share, with ease, the ACHIEVEMENTS of all government ministries. You think she is CHIEF government spokesperson to do play circle? She is so assertive that you would want to believe her if she mispronounced your name! Boy, she is loquacious! You should give me a Petauke h.u.g., Dora, for highlighting your agility. Easy, guys; no pun intended.

The issue is that everyone has their own summary of 2019. No one is necessarily right or wrong. But I feel it can be wrong to write a long piece analysing a “wasted year.” I can’t go that route! 2019 was about dialogue, dialogue, dialogue, dialogue, dialogue, dialogue and dialogue. Even this Bill No. 10 stuff is a product of some dialogue story. To reach consensus on bill 10, it seems there’s need for DIALOGUE.

There are many issues which could define 2019. Hunger, power outages, homosexuality and diplomacy, forest No. what, gun death, others Given slaps, our black lechwes, acquittal, Sesheke bees, our Lower Zambezi, and name it. DIALOGUE failed to work in all these items I’ve mentioned.

So, what shall we be discussing in 2020? Campaigns! I guess political singers are in the studio for this financial-rewarding assignment. 2019 DIALOGUE only had ‘secret’ allowances ku Mulungushi International Conference Centre. Can 2020 CAMPAIGNS be the same? No! So, see what you can do about such campaigns, dear readers.

For Mampi and Iris, strategise on how “YOU” can ‘share’ me in 2020. Otherwise, 2019 has been lost in the DIALOGUE forest. I had no time for romance. So, I’m grieving but thank you God for keeping us alive this far. Next week’s article will be the last one for 2019 and it will be titled ‘Thank you.’ Thank you, for today.
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