SOUTHERN Province deputy permanent secretary Kennedy Mubanga says FAZ has set a good example for other sports disciplines to follow in terms of support for its members.

Southern Province has received its allocation of kit and footballs from the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) as per 2017 Annual General Meeting resolution.

During the handover of kit and footballs to 48 lower division clubs at Crystal Lodge in Choma, Mubanga said the government was happy that FAZ had delivered to its membership as agreed by the council.

“I am not here to fight those people who are saying that FAZ is campaigning. I am not seeing any campaigns here. I am reliably informed that you people sat at an AGM and agreed that they must be giving you this equipment which makes sense,” Mubanga said.

“The lower clubs do not have much resources like the Super League.”

Mubanga urged the clubs to ensure that they put the equipment to good use and not sale them.

“Let us ensure that a gesture like this is appreciated. Receive and put to intended purpose,” he said.

FAZ vice president Rix Mweemba said FAZ will not relent in its support to the membership.

Meanwhile, FAZ general secretary Adrian Kashala urged the members to acquaint themselves with the constitution.

Kashala urged members to follow the FAZ statutes in airing grievances and not rush to outside bodies.

FAZ has distributed kit and footballs to nine provinces with each of the lower division clubs getting a set of jerseys and five footballs.

The gesture was also extended to women clubs.

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