21 die in 139 Christmas holiday accidents

TWENTY-ONE people died in separate road traffic accidents during the Christmas holiday period, police have said.

Police deputy spokesperson Rae Hamoonga revealed that 139 accidents were recorded between Tuesday, Christmas eve and Wednesday and 53 people were injured.

He stated that Lusaka Province recorded the highest number of road traffic accidents with 48 while Muchinga, Western and North Western recorded the least with only four accidents.

“Police recorded 139 road traffic accidents from 24th to 26th December 2019. A total number of 18 were fatal road traffic accidents in which 21 persons were killed, 15 were serious road traffic accidents in which 31 persons were seriously injured, 35 were slight road traffic accidents in which 53 persons were slightly injured and 71 were damage only road traffic accidents,” Hamoonga explained in a statement.

He stated that this year’s record shows an increase by six fatal road traffic accidents that killed eight people.

“In comparison with previous Christmas holiday of 2018, a total number of 125 road traffic accidents were recorded as compared to 139 recorded this year which shows an increase by 14 road traffic accidents, 12 were fatal road traffic accidents in which 13 persons were killed in 2018 Christmas holiday as compared to 18 fatal road traffic accidents where 21 persons were killed this year,” stated Hamoonga.

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