Namibia to probe killing of its 7 citizens in Lusaka

THE seven Namibians who were shot dead in the Zambian capital at the beginning of this month were buried on Tuesday morning.

They were each buried in their respective villages in Ohangwena region.

The men were identified as Daniel Mbishi aged 32, Wilson Tetela (39), Haitembu Elifas (40), Elifas Ndeshikeya (29), David Mweuxwange (39), Samuel Kambonde age (42) and Patrick Waandja (34).

Their remains were repatriated from Zambia last week Thursday by road.

Winie Haihambo, a relative of one of the slain men, was the first family member to identify the deceased.

“Being a student  in Zambia, I got the first chance to identify my brothers alone in the mortuary after the news broke.

“I must confess that it was a horrible and sad experience to go up and down the offices alone, yet in mourning,” she narrates her ordeal. 

She expressed her gratitude to the Namibian High Commission in Lusaka for the assistance rendered to the families.

“My special thanks goes to Ms Bernadette Shooka (acting high commissioner). It was not easy, but with her vast experience,” she said.

The seven were shot and killed by the Lusaka Police on 5 December after allegedly receiving a tip-off from members of the public about suspected criminals staging a robbery.

The international ministry’s acting executive director Rebecca P. Iyambo in a media statement this week said investigations into what happened on 5 December in Lusaka continue.

“The Namibian Police continues to engage their Zambian counterparts on the matter,” she said.

Iyambo reiterated the ministry’s call to Namibian citizens travelling abroad to always notify the nearest Namibian embassy or consulate. The Namibian

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