Siwale urges FAZ to let him contest presidency

[By Bright Tembo]
FOOTBALL administrator Blackwell Siwale says those aspiring for the FAZ presidency at the forthcoming AGM should unite and put a popular candidate to oust incumbent Andrew Kamanga. 

Siwale says he expects FAZ to “do the right thing” ahead of the elections. 

The banned football official has been on a vigorous campaign to stand as FAZ president during the elective meeting slated for March. 

“I am in constant talks with the people that are standing for FAZ positions. Like yesterday (Wednesday) I was talking to Emmanuel Munaile. We call each other ‘president’ because all of us are vying for the position and that’s the spirit we want to go with in the elections,” Siwale said. “Going forward, I will be urging councillors to vote for the people that are seen in uniting football and the country at large, but most importantly I want to urge my competitors to sit with all of us and arrive at a decision on who is popular to dislodge Andrew Kamanga from the seat.”

He adds that he expects FAZ not to prevent him from standing in the elections. 

“I am expecting FAZ to examine their conscience and if their minds are not trained to do the right thing, they should learn to do so now and in future. In an event that they decide to block me, there are many avenues which you can explore to arrive at a decent conclusion for the benefit of all. I am less inclined to comment further because the matter is still in court,” Siwale said. 

He has however, asked stakeholders to avoid name calling ahead of the elections. 

“I want to urge football councillors to avoid name calling. We should all tell our manifesto and whoever has the best manifesto should emerge a winner. After all, football is a winner. Those people that are standing should have the passion for football,” said Siwale.

Siwale, was expelled from the FAZ executive as committee member in March 2017. In 2018 FAZ handed him an indefinite ban from all football related activities.

The FAZ council voted unanimously to expel then vice-president Richard Kazala and executive committee member Siwale for alleged financial irregularities.

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