If you want to become more strong than Jesus you’ll fail – Fr Mukuka

[By Bright Tembo] 

FATHER Bartholomew Mukuka of St Monica’s Perish in Kabwe has urged leaders to work with love if they are to change the world. 

Fr Mukuka has warned that if leaders want to be strong more than Jesus, they are going to fail. 

He was speaking during the feast of the Holy Family mass which was attended by former finance minister Felix Mutati. 

“In order for us to change the world we have to become very, very weak. If we don’t want to become remorseful and want to become more strong than Jesus himself then we are going to fail. So all of us we have to be weak and I say that because love itself makes us weak, Jesus Christ himself made himself very weak that he was defeated by love,” he said. 

“So as we end this year and beginning the new year all of us we should be so weak in the sense that our hearts bleeds with love and this is the message to all of us. Let us be weak in order to have love.”

And Mutati urged Zambians to love and forgive each other.  

“Even the most weakened family God still loves them. God continues to protect them, the unity of the family is bounded on the unconditional love and we as families must also learn not only to love each other but also to forgive each other. That’s when we can build the family,” said Mutati.

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