2019 was a learning curve for me – Tilka

SWIMMER Tilka Paljk says she hopes the Ministry of Sports this year recognises athletes’ achievements and acknowledges their hard work.

Tilka says 2019 was a learning curve for her in terms of getting to know where she needs to improve and where her strengths and weaknesses lie.

“My career has definitely skyrocketed during this year after I signed to st8up sports. They have been amazing and very helpful with my marketing. I’m looking forward to the next year [this year], some good international meets as well as Olympic trials in South Africa and hopefully Olympics if I make the team,” she said. “I’m really working hard to get a spot on the team so it will definitely be an exciting year of racing as well as world champs at the end of next year in Abu Dhabi.”

Tilka said she hoped her fans and the people would continue supporting athletes.

“To my fans and people, I just hope they keep supporting all of us athletes that have qualified or yet to qualify for the Olympics. We need as much support from you all now more than ever. I’d also like to thank my fans and my people for supporting me this far,” said Tilka.

“Thank you to my family and my federation for their undying support. I just hope that in the next year [this year], the ministry recognises our achievements more and acknowledge our hard work that we have put in as athletes.”

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